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    Discussing Motion Control: What Makes Trio MC Unique

    By on Last modified: June 5, 2017

    The process of encompassing the sub-systems or systems involved in moving parts of machines in an accurately controlled manner, is called motion control. The main components that are typically involved in this process are an energy amplifier, a motion controller and one or more actuators or prime movers. Motion control can be either closed or open loop. Typical systems include fan control or a stepper motor.

    Trio Mc

    There are many companies that produce quality motion controllers nowadays, and each and every one of them has a unique design. The device is usually housed in a rugged plastic case which has an integrated earth chassis and an entire isolation circuitry. This feature is much needed for the controller to be directly connected to any external piece of equipment which is necessary for the work being done in any industrial environment.

    One company that produces such devices is Trio MC, and like most devices of this type, it runs by using a specially configured and programmed application on a computer. Once installed and connected to a piece of industrial equipment, it can be set to run on stand alone mode, meaning, an external computer is not necessary.

    Besides that, the Trio MC has interesting features; it has 8 bi-directional I/O channels, as well as 8 built-in inputs of 24V that can be used for interaction with other systems and registration, end of travel limits and other functions of this sort which can be found helpful. It also features an ethernet port which is standard and is the main communication link for the device. Factory communication systems can all be connected to the controller through a special port and a specialised channel which serves the purpose.

    Another feature that Trio MCs have is removable storage. They have an SD card slot that allows for simple transferring of firmware, programs and important data without using a computer connection. The port supports various types of SD cards of up to 2GB, thanks to its FAT32 file system. All of the axis can be programmed to move using a circular, helical, spherical interpolation, linked axes, gearboxes, linear and electronic cams.

    The trio motion controlling device is powered by a specialised battery that is user-replaceable, which you can easily replace on your own by simply using a screwdriver. Open the device under the front ventilation slot, take off the battery cover, pull out the ribbon and insert the new battery. However, you need to be careful, as you have to be very quick when removing the old battery and inserting the new one.