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    Enhancing Your DIY Skills? Now is the Right Time to Buy Circular Saw

    By on Last modified: October 3, 2017

    As a DIY enthusiast, there are many tools that catch my eye, apart from the basic ones that I get to frequently use. What surprises me most is when I find the power tools I didn’t think I would fine them essential, and later use them as much as the basic ones which further encourages me to go on other quests for more such tools.

    Though a circular saw may not be your first choice, I can tell you it would become a necessity for you the more you enhance your DIY skills, because not only is it good for cutting out straight lines of framing materials (even smaller pieces), plywood, and sheetrock, but it’s also perfect for mitre cuts at an angle of 45 degrees (even though it’s circular!), and other adjustable cutting angles, as well as cutting depths.

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    When you switch the blade, it turns into a tool ideal for cutting through masonry, and even plastic. Great news is, nowadays there are wide ranges of circular saw cheap not to break your bank, and still designed to provide you with effortless smooth cuts, and finishes. Apart from powerful motor speeds, and soft grip functions for better handling, and control, the specific design makes for ease in finishing off tough cutting tasks too.

    So that puts the doubt aside whether with circular saw cheap can be an option. Now then, I have to point it out, there’s no toying with safety. This is a power tool after all, and as such, has to be given the proper attention, first enhancing the skills to use it, and of course, dressing up properly. You can expect there to be instances when you drop the saw, and since it’s heavy, so you need the adequate cast-metal shoes (think aluminium!).

    Wearing safety glasses is also a must, and setting blade depth and angle should always be done when the saw is unplugged. Prior to the use of the saw, remember to read through the manual carefully, and inspect the saw before every use, looking into the blade, and the proper saw position. Same as with every other tool, the more you use it, the better you’d be able to handle it, and find more ways to excel in it.

    For instance, there is a way to avoid the splinters, and the secret is in positioning the best surface to face down when cutting, also with the help of cutting along the edge cut with a sharp knife. Then, there is a way to cut several pieces simultaneously, known as gang cutting, by aligning all of the edges of the pieces and using the maximum cut depth of the saw.