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    Reasons to Enrich Your Landscape with Garden Shrubs

    By on Last modified: January 23, 2018

    If you’re asking me, no garden is truly complete without shrubs. Shrubs help add movement and variety to an otherwise flat landscape. Even having a small garden is really no excuse not to plant some since they can thrive wonderfully anywhere whether around the foundations of the house or next to the fence. Opposed to trees which can rob you of precious space or obstruct your view, planting some shrubs is the perfect way to bring some forest-like charm to your garden in a subtle way. Here are some other reasons to enrich your landscape with shrubs.

    Give Your Garden an Everlasting Beauty

    Flowers are lovely, but their beauty fades away together with the last sun rays of summer. It’s when flowers stop blooming that you’ll notice how charming shrubs can be. All shrubs are evergreen, which means your garden can continue to attract interest even in winter (the Scrooge of all seasons if you ask a landscape designer). Even though they do shed their flowers, many shrubs have velvet-like leaves that remain around to sparkle beautifully and add a dash of colour to the landscape on their own. With a couple of shrubs on strategic spots around the garden, you’ll make sure it will never look barren.

    Shrubs and bushes

    Add Layers for an Enchanting Atmosphere

    If you want to create a more natural looking display of plants, planting garden shrubs and bushes throughout the landscape is a must. There’s something magical about a yard that mixes height, texture, and form, and shrubs help achieve just that. They tie the various heights and types of plants together and allow the garden design to flow in a wave-like pattern. By planting shrubs intermittently with flowers, grass, and trees, you help achieve a smooth transition that allows your eye to move from one point to another without grabbing too much focus. And thanks to their luscious dark green leaves, shrubs help capture that “enchanted forest” look without letting your landscape run wild and out of order.

    Create a Protective Shield

    The density of many garden shrubs and bushes can block the view to your home efficiently. Surrounding a patio with some tightly packed shrubs can make sure no one sees you while you’re having your morning coffee. Just to have that little moment of quiet to yourself is worth planting an evergreen hedge. But besides protecting your privacy from onlookers, shrubs are also great in shielding you and your home from things, like for instance sun and wind. Tall shrubs like Arborvitae can cast a very large and thick shadow that can keep you cool while lounging in your yard in the summer. By planting your shrubs tightly next to each other in rows, you can create a living barricade against the wind.