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    Escape Into a Good Book: How to Create a Reading Nook Retreat

    By on Last modified: February 9, 2022

    A living room without a comfy reading nook feels like a bathroom without a big tub – you can feel that something is missing. Having a special escape place in the comfort of your own home will let you appreciate your living space more and provide you with entertainment for the days when you don’t feel like going outside. That being said, every successfully designed reading nook takes a bit of effort and a tasteful eye. With a few adjustments to your living room, you can start enjoying your cosy afternoons immersed in your favourite book.

    Choose a Comfortable Reading Chair

    If you’re a passionate bookworm, I’m sure you often find yourself reading hunched over a table or leaning back over a pillow in your bed. Why go through all of that inconvenience when you can rest your back and comfortably enjoy your book in a reading chair?

    reading chair

    Similar to designing a home office, the right choice of seating can help you relax and focus on the task at hand. Over the years, there has been a variety of different reading nook seating trends, ranging from the dreamy window seat to the bucket chairs and different kinds of recliner chairs. However, the timeless leather armchairs are among the classiest seating options that never go out of style.

    What’s Good About a Leather Armchair?

    Leather furniture has always been a hot topic when it comes to interior design. While many people fall in love with its classy aesthetic, they soon discover the practical advantages and benefits of leather as well. Here are three reasons why you should consider this type of armchair for your home’s reading nook:

    • Classy appearance: These chairs have the ability to elevate your interior and spice it up with a timeless sense of sophistication and luxury. They come in a variety of different hues, ranging from moody and dark shades to vibrant earthy tones.
      The elegant leather armchairs fit into any type of interior. Models with clean silhouettes and minimalist detail emit a contemporary vibe, while the tufted chairs give off an old-world charm.
      Additionally, the top grain leather’s natural texture creates a visually soothing effect in the overall look of your living room.
    leather armchairs
    • Durable and low-maintenance: Today’s quality leather furniture is known for its superior durability. These fancy leather armchairs undergo modern tanning processes that make them resistant to cracking and peeling.
      Not to mention, they’re also easy to clean. No more worrying about spilt tea or wine, since you can easily wipe it off from the surface without worrying about stains.
    • Lasting comfort: One of the most popular things about these chairs is their comfort. Leather contains natural fibres that help retain its shape over time. They also make it breathable and more comfortable the longer you use it. 

    Make Sure You Have the Proper Lighting

    No matter if you’re a tablet swiper or a page-turner, having enough lighting while you’re reading will reduce your chance of eyestrain and give you a healthier reading experience. A cosy reading nook with the comfiest leather armchair still isn’t complete without the right task lighting. Firstly, you might want to place it near a window where it gets plenty of daylight.

    This way you won’t have to hurt your eyes with harmful lightbulbs when you’re reading in the daytime. However, if you’re more of a night owl, certain lighting fixtures will help you get a better reading experience. A simple centrepiece provides enough light for navigating around the room, but it’s not ideal for reading.

    Layering ambient lighting is the best option for your reading nook. This will offer you glare-free illumination that isn’t too harsh on the eyes and creates a soothing ambient. Popular light fixtures you can choose from are the wall-mounted lights or the recessed cove lights. They don’t create shadows and offer you soft general light.

    reading lighting

    Table and floor lamps are other lighting alternatives. They allow you to adjust the lighting source for more comfortable reading and move them around if you want to switch to your sofa or your study room.

    When choosing light bulbs for your reading nook, pay attention to their colour temperature! Light bulbs can emanate warm, white, or blue light. The best choices for ambient lighting are the ones that offer warm light. They have a soothing yellowish-white colour that creates a cosy feeling and won’t damage your eyes when you’re exposed to it for prolonged periods.

    Book Storage

    It’s time to talk about the main superstar of the reading nook – the books themselves. If you’re a passionate reader, you undoubtedly possess a lot of books. This calls for finding the right storage solution to keep them in one place. The most popular storage options are the bookcases and bookshelves. Which one you choose depends on your preferences and the design scheme of your living room.

    Although people often use these terms interchangeably, they have a few differences. Bookcases are standing furniture pieces with several shelves. They usually sit on the floor and allow you to add heavy décor items including vases and planters.

    They’re convenient because they offer you mobility if you decide to relocate your reading space. On the other hand, bookshelves are wall-mounted and tend to be trickier for moving around. They provide simple shapes and clean lines, which makes them ideal for a more minimalist living room.