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    Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Camping Headlamps

    By on Last modified: November 2, 2016

    camping headlamp

    Setting up a tent at night can be pretty challenging and exhausting if you don’t have the right equipment. Camping trips are the perfect outside getaway for adventurists that want to experience the beauty of nature, but without those mandatory items anyone can easily get lost or even get hurt in the depth of the forests.

    All camping kits should include any kind of lightning that will help you move and do things in the dark. Although there are many lightning options around that you can choose from, camping headlamps seem the most functional of all. I’m not saying that other camp lights are not good or that you don’t need them. Any type of extra light should be considered a plus in all camping trips, but these special kind of headlamps are a must for your camping kit.

    One of the biggest advantage camping headlights have is that they are hands free. You can move around easily in the dark and yet you’ll see everything perfectly. You can set up that tent without a problem, prepare some food or just wander around with the light on your head and in front of your legs. These awesome headlights will have you covered wherever you go! Also, if you’re considering climbing while on your trip, camping headlamps are the perfect tool to have.

    The majority of the headlamps have a wide range of lightning distance, in fact much larger than most of the flashlights on the market. This is a big asset when looking for lost things in the dark or trying to find the road back to your tent or your car. Normally the lightning distance depends on the price and the quality of the headlamp, but almost all of them will have a wider range of lightning than any other normal light you use for your camping adventure.

    When looking for camping headlamps, you should always think about the durability of their batteries. When you’re getting ready for an outside trip in the forest, don’t ever forget to pack some extra batteries just in case, because finding a supermarket in nature won’t be possible. Headlamps use a lot of battery when they are on full brightness and it would be very annoying if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with a lamp on your head and no batteries to make it work again. Always look at the run time listed on the packaging to have an idea of how long your lamp will last.


    Since there are many types to choose from, camping headlamps come in so many different sizes and weight. You can choose a lighter one for your children and a heavier one for yourself. Normally, the ones that are heavy have more features, such as an external battery pack or a regulated output. If you like to go camping just for fun you shouldn’t worry too much about the extra features. Their target are hikers, electricians or miners. Plus, headlamps that are heavy may be a little bit uncomfortable if not placed right on your head.

    Before purchasing a camping headlamp you should think about how the light will perform if things go wrong on the trip. Keeping your hands free and your path illuminated when something undesirable happens is a big advantage, especially out in the wilderness. That’s why finding “the one” is an essential for all the campers and adventure lovers out there. And as soon as you buy it, it should be the first thing to pack in your backpack before you hit the road.