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    Exhaust Upgrades That Can Really Make a Difference on Your Car

    By on Last modified: July 4, 2018

    When it comes to most models of cars, all of their parts are designed to work in tandem with one another and make sure that the performance of the vehicle is as good as it can be. Simply put, this means that most cars have tires that can handle the torque the engine can produce, suspension that can support the type of tires that are equipped, cupholders strong enough to hold your drink even on roads that require more suspension, and so on. All of these parts are made to work together and make the vehicle run like a well oiled machine. There are however a few exceptions to this.

    4WD exhaust

    The most notable of these exceptions is the 4WD exhaust that is fitted to a lot of vehicles that are larger than your standard car. These exhaust systems can serve as a sort of built-in limiter that don’t hinder the engine output to the point where the vehicle would lose a significant portion of their power, but it can still be noticeable. If you are satisfied with the horse power that you already manage to get out of the engine, then there isn’t much of a need for an upgrade, however if you do decide to get a few 4WD exhaust modifications, then you will feel the difference in performance almost immediately.

    Exhaust upgrades are usually divided in two categories, namely the pipe upgrades and the additional items upgrades. By additional items I am actually referring to the muffler and noise dampener, but while most already come as standard rather than additional items, that doesn’t mean that you can’t switch them out for better ones. Upgrading these parts can make your car run as silently as an electric one and make it a lot more environmentally friendly. Not only that, but these exhaust parts also need to be switched out every so often and the frequency at which you should do this is easy to assume as all you need to do is check if you are being followed by a black cloud that seems to be roaring.

    The exhaust pipe upgrades have to do with switching out the standard model with one that has bends in it which can upgrade its performance. The most standard out of all of these is the mandrel bend, but there are also other options you can choose from. While the exhaust can’t change the power that the engine comes with, the right exhaust can help you deliver that power quicker and with much more efficiency so that you feel like you are driving a completely different car.

    While these upgrades aren’t all that necessary on a lot of cars that are already beasts (when it comes to engine power), the right exhaust upgrade can turn a goldfish of a car into a tiger shark.