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    Features to Consider When Choosing the Sofa of Your Dreams

    By on Last modified: August 18, 2020

    There is no doubt that the sofa is one of the most important seats in the house, so accordingly, it is one of the essential investments for your home. That being said, investing in a stylish, comfortable and high-quality sofa that will last for years is paramount.


    Two-Seater Sofas

    If your living room space is small, definitely opt for a two-seater sofa. These sofas often come with two seating cushions and two back cushions, or one long cushion with a fixed back cushion. Because a two-seater sofa offers space for two people, it is perfect for couples, small families or as an addition to a larger space when there is another big sitting set.

    Three Seater Sofa

    If you want extra comfort, a sofa where two people can spread out or three people can sit, the three-seater sofa is an excellent choice for you. Usually, three-seater sofas come with two large seating cushions or three individual seating cushions. When it comes to back support cushions, you can find a three seating sofa with up to five back cushions.

    gray sofa for living room

    Corner Sofa

    Designed to tuck into the corner (usually in an L-shape), the corner sofa is an excellent choice for large families who want to save space for the kids and pets to play. The corner sofa offers flexibility and can help define the layout of your living room.

    Modular Sofa

    Modular sofas can be rearranged to suit your personal space. This type usually has three seats or more, so it can fit larger spaces perfectly.


    Leather Sofa

    Leather sofas may be a durable choice, but the initial cost of buying such piece can be off-putting. Plus, sitting on a leather sofa can make you feel cold in winter and sweaty in summer, which makes it reconsider if it’s worth it. There wouldn’t be an issue only in case your indoor temperature is totally consistent throughout the year. When it comes to maintenance, a leather sofa requires once a week detailed cleaning with special cleaning products, or even more frequently, depending on the use.

    blue sofa with pillows on it and wooden table

    Natural Fibres

    Cotton, linen, wool and jute are the most durable natural materials for a sofa upholstery. For maximum comfort, choose a sofa upholstered with natural blends like cotton and jute. Jute has a naturally brittle, rough feel, but blending it with cotton makes for a perfectly comfortable and durable upholstering sofa material. It is also fairly resistant to fading and pilling. Another powerful combination is 50% linen, 50% cotton – a blend of materials used for sofa upholstery that is designed to last for ages.

    Synthetic Fibres

    These include olefin, acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon. These are great if you need great protection against stains and cuts from your pets. But have in mind that they can be vulnerable to heat, light and oil. Also, some combinations can scratch easily. If you have a busy family home with pets and kids, opt for a sofa that features a loose cover that is entirely removable and dry cleanable, thus making maintenance a lot easier.


    The perfect sofa for your home has to be stylish and comfortable but also in a colour that matches the ambient of the living room. You can find a modern and stylish sofa in any colour you want. Bold colours like yellow, green and red can be used to make a statement, but make sure it matches there’s balance with the rest of the environment.
    If you want to play it safe, choose a neutral sofa that matches any room. Neutral colours like cream, grey or navy look great in any room and go with every style. The look of your sofa can also be easily changed by adding different throws and pillows.

    modern yellow sofa for two with colorful pillows on it

    For instance, you can select a luxury gray sofa that matches the rest of the furniture, and later you can jazz it up with a purple blanket and a few pillows in purple with yellow patterns. When you get tired of this, throw another blanked on the luxury gray sofa and choose different pillows, or simply, just pillowcases.


    Don’t forget that what’s inside a sofa is as important as what’s used on the outside. That being said, feather-filled cushions are the most comfortable option, but they require regular plumping.

    Foam or fibre fillings are also the right choice but have in mind that they may flatten out and lose their shape over time. The perfect solution, in fact, is a combination of feather and foam with a small percentage of polyester provides a solid, yet soft structure for both back and sitting cushions.

    Take all this into consideration when choosing the perfect sofa and keep in mind this should be a long-term relationship. If you buy a quality sofa, you can expect to lounge on it for at least one decade.