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    First-Time Shoppers – Which Supplies to Buy from an Online Hunting Store?

    By on Last modified: July 22, 2019

    Have you ever walked into a hobby so blindly that, looking back now, you realize how silly it was? I know I fell for hunting like that years ago and I’m well aware of how immature was of me to know nothing about it and still try it. But you? You’re smarter than that. So, if someone invited you to go hunting tomorrow, what would you take with you?

    Considering that you have zero gear, what would you buy? Of course, you’ll need license & permits, food, water, and camouflage, but what other gear would you need? Before finding a good hunting store and splurging on equipment, you need to be properly informed. Here’s a bit of help on the matter.


    Hunting store knife

    Yeah, I know it sounds pretty obvious but you certainly shouldn’t take a kitchen knife with you when hunting. Jokes aside, having a full tang, razor-sharp tactical knife can be a true lifesaver. When shopping from a hunting store, it’s also a good idea to get even a foldable pocket knife or a multi-tool as there’s nothing wrong in having a few extra tools on you.

    Firearm & Ammo

    Firearm & Ammo Hunting Store

    When it comes to firearms, you can either go for a rifle or a shotgun. You can go only with a shotgun but remember that it needs to be versatile enough so you are able to use both types of ammo – buckshot and slug ammunition. The former is used to hunt birds like grouse, pheasants, geese and ducks or rabbits while the latter is used for hunting deers or warthogs. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to find both types of ammo in every hunting store Australia wide.


    hunting store navigation

    Knowing how to orient yourself is one thing but if you don’t know how to read the stars making use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) is your best bet. Even if you did know how to read the stars, using a GPS device is always welcomed. A full-colour display and a big battery are the main features of a handheld GPS, but don’t let it be your only option. In case you’re left with no batteries, having a compass or a map with you is always a good idea.


    Clothing hunting store

    The pieces of clothing you will need are divided into three different layers, the first being the base layer followed by the insulative and then the outer layer. The base layer includes underwear, socks and a top with a snug fit, hence why merino wool and synthetic polyester are the two ideal materials. The insulating layer typically involves wool and polyester but it also includes fleece jackets. Nevertheless, insulative clothing pieces are usually sweatshirts, jeans and obviously a jacket. The outer shell layer needs to keep you dry and it should be well-hidden which depends on both the prey you’re after and the weather conditions.