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    Five Star Olight Tactical Flashlights That Do It All

    By on Last modified: July 14, 2016

    Olight Tactical Flashlights

    If you are looking for a great flashlight that really does it all, then you can’t go past Olight tactical flashlights. If you don’t know about Olight, they believe that no one should be left in the dark and are constantly making innovations in the flashlight industry. They are constantly improving on ergonomics, weight, size, run time, and of course, brightness. They are dedicated to providing the best possible product to their customers which is something that everyone wants. So if you are looking for a great flashlight you absolutely need to pick up an Olight tactical flashlight. Below we will be going over a few of the best tactical flashlights that Olight have to offer and we will be touching on the capabilities of each flashlight as well so you know how they perform. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find a tactical flashlight that suits you and your needs best.

    1. Olight M23 Javelot extended range tactical LED torch
      You get a great range of features with this tactical flashlight. Some of the features include three different brightness settings that range anywhere from 20 lumens to 1020 lumens. This is a great choice for anyone who works in law enforcement, search and rescue, or for any emergency situation. The body is shockproof, the retainer ring is also removable, and the head of the flashlight has added sink rings in order to dissipate the heat more efficiently. It is also waterproof to be able to stand up to the weather. When you purchase this Olight tactical flashlight model you also get a holster, lanyard, spare o-rings, and a holster.
    2. Olight M1X Striker CREE XM-L2 1000 lumen tactical LED torch
      This is a great portable tactical flashlight that comes with dual switches and a whole lot more. The aluminium used for the body is aircraft grade meaning that it doesn’t scratch and is practically indestructible. It boasts up to 1000 lumens and runs on either lithium or rechargeable batteries. The flashlight also features a warning light which will glow red when your batteries start to run low. This is a great choice if you want something small and lightweight but also powerful. It is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a flashlight that will last them a long time.
    3. Olight M18 Maverick 1 x 18650 XM-L2 500 lumen tactical LED torch
      This nifty model features a multi-function tail switch which you can change to activate a high output mode, a strobe mode, which you can easily quit as well. There is a strong and sturdy pocket clip which makes it easy to carry around and a great steel bezel which will protect the lens from falls. The lens would probably hold up on its own anyway as is it made from tough glass which also features an anti-reflective coating. The body of the torch is also made from the same grade of aluminium and you also get the low battery light feature as well.
    4. Olight M10 Maverick 1 x CR123A XM-L2 350 lumen tactical LED torch
      This is one of the more affordable models if you are looking for a great torch but without a hefty price tag, this is the model for you. This features a stainless steel bezel to protect the lens but also comes with a specially designed deep reflector so you can focus the beam precisely. The body is made from the same tough aluminium, meaning you won’t scratch or break it, the body also features a great slip-resistant design.