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    Guide to Buying Cubby House

    By on Last modified: December 28, 2015

    Buy your children the most expensive of toys, but nothing will ever come close to their thrill and joy once you you make their dream of buying cubby house a reality. This cute piece of art is the breeding ground of children’s happiness and it is their retreat from the real world. Opposed to the cubby houses in the past, which dads made using their crafty skills to create a better world for their little ones, today cubby houses have become a lot more modern and sophisticated as they are available in various designs, shapes and colours. They are the place where magic happens.

    While trends come and go, the most important thing to consider while buying cubby house is the level of fun it can offer to your little ones. But besides being the ultimate place to have fun at for your kids, the cubby house you choose has to be a safe ground to play on as well. Still not sure whether you will be able to pick the right one for your babies? Stay with me and follow my guidelines to get the cubby house that will be both fun and safe enough for your children to spend most of their days in. The type you choose depends on your backyard size as well as your children’s preferences.

    The Classic Cubby


    Made of wood and ideal for outdoor use, the simple design and quality finish of the classic cubby house is simply a black canvas for your child’s imagination. If you go for the wood variant, make sure that the panels are free from splinters, screws and nails and that the edges are rounded so that you protect your little ones from injuries. The classic wooden cubby house can resist different weather conditions and even after years of use will still look good provided that you take good care of it.

    Themed Cubby


    Besides having all the features of a classic cubby house, these cute masterpieces have also some extra interactive features that are ideal for small adventurers. Look for a cubby house that is big enough to house more than one child because themed play is interactive and you will surely want your child to have company in there to have fun with. If you have a future pirate or a little princess at home, then a themed cubby will be the winner. Imagine the sparks in their eyes once they see you have brought them their dream land in the backyard? Priceless.

    The Luxury One


    If you love spoiling your little ones, why not get them the ultimate, luxury cubby house? These are carefully designed and have some interesting features that make them stand out from the rest of old-fashioned cubby houses. Resembling miniature homes, these cute children getaway places have extra rooms, kitchens, petrol pumps and attached sides. Just ideal for spending a great part of the day in them while you take some free time for yourself.