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    Guide to Women’s Sandals: How to Rock This Summer Outfit Staple

    By on Last modified: October 21, 2020

    If there is one footwear style we all know is perfect when days are warming up, it’s sandals. Sandals are one of the oldest forms of footwear that had stood the test of time. They are the ideal choice for long warm days spent under the sun. A good pair of sandals keep your feet cool, comfy and what’s best of all, they’ll make you look super stylish.

    With so many amazing styles of women’s sandals online and in your favourite stores, it is really difficult to make up your mind and take the right decision. Wedges, flip flops, gladiators, flat or heeled sandals, read on and discover which ones to pick and how to wear them so you can make a fashion impact this season. With beautiful weather around the corner, it’s time to update your look with this summer outfit staple!

    Wedge Sandals

    Wedge sandals are one of the most popular footwear styles ever. Typically, they have an open-top, ankle strap and a hessian wedge heel that gives a chic boho feel to an outfit. Wedges give you the much-needed height boost, while being ultra-comfortable to walk around in.

    Wedge sandals are perfect to style up for a special occasion. Paired with an outfit in light pastel colours, or with a beautiful naudic maxi dress will give you an airy summer look. For a casual night out, style a pair of wedges with skinny jeans and a bright top for a combo that screams fashion. But, a quick reminder here: grab a bold and vibrant colour like pink or coral and put it on your toenails to complete your summer look.


    Flat Sandals

    The range of flat women’s sandals online is one of the biggest, as they are really comfortable and stylish at the same time. If you walk a lot, sturdy flat sandals with a robust grip and Velcro fastenings are a perfect fit. For a stylish twist, choose an elegant pair with gold or silver straps and complement any look. They will allow you to easily slip from day to night outfit by just wearing one glitzy pair.

    Mule Sandals

    Mule sandals are one of those styles that just doesn’t go away, they come back in style season after season. The main reason behind this is the great look and comfort they provide.

    There are many different varieties of mules to choose from. If you go for a leather pair, it will offer your feet the most comfort as leather is soft and malleable. Mules are ideal for the office, as a good pair of mules appeal professional and classy. However, they also tend to be unstable, so finding an appropriate fit when buying your mules is essential.

    Flip Flops

    Flip flops have come a long way from being just a standard rubber thong. As their name suggests, these sandals make a sound while you walk along and have been worn by ancient Egyptians and many people all around the world, which makes them one of the oldest types of sandals out there.

    Flip flops are made out of a flat sole with a toe post strap. Some styles don’t have a toe-post strap, instead, they’ve got one strap that crosses over the top. If you have problems such as fleet feet or ankle strain, these sandals most probably won’t be for you, as they don’t provide the support you need.

    However, flip flops are definitely a style you want to wear while on vacation. And with so many bright and fun styles to choose from, they are super easy to match. Besides beach days, tons of different flip flop ladies sandals are there to suit your long walks, or a casual day out with friends.


    Heeled Sandals

    Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you have to ditch heels completely. If you’re attending a summer wedding or any other special occasion, heeled sandals are a truly great option you can turn to time and time again.

    Working in an office during summer can be really tough on your feet, and while many offices allow casual look, sometimes you’ll need a smarter look, and a pair of strappy heeled sandals would be ideal to pair with your office attire. Choose a pair in classic colours such as nude or black and team them up with a fitted skirt and neck top blouse.

    Another great hit this season is block heel sandals, with a distinctive seventies look about them, making them a must-have style in your wardrobe.

    How Should Sandals Fit Your Feet?

    The most important part when choosing your sandals is an appropriate fit. If you’re normally a half size, you’ll need to go up by half a size, as sandals usually come in whole sizes. This isn’t always a bad thing though, as that half a size can be an added bonus and little extra room for your feet to feel more comfortable and you to look great.

    Heeled sandals should help your foot keep its natural arch shape, and that’s why heels with 2.5 – 5 cm would be the best choice. The front strap of your sandal should be snug (as it’s the one to keep sandals on your feet), though, leave 1-2 cm under the strap for any possible swelling. The ankle strap should be slightly loosened then the front one.

    So, there you have it: the essential guide to women’s sandals. Having this guide in mind, I hope you’ll pick the right pair of sandals and enjoy the upcoming summer season!