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    Home Theatre System: Treat Yourself to a Private Cinematic Experience

    By on Last modified: December 7, 2017

    I’ll always pick watching a film in the comfort of my own home over waiting in line at a crowded theatre only to have some inconsiderate people next to me talk the whole time and spoil my experience. Sometimes I think going to the theatre is simply not worth the effort, but how else can you treat yourself to the ultimate audio-visual magic of the film you’re so excised about? Luckily, there’s totally a way to enjoy a genuine theatre experience in your home, without any obnoxious people.

    For those with plenty of space to spare, nothing beats owning a complete home theatre system, whether in a separate room or integrated in a spacious living room. Thanks to the advance in technology, you can enjoy a private film showing that can even exceed the experience provided by your local theatre. Since the quality of the sound and picture makes for most of the experience, getting professional audio visual services to help you choose the right components and install the system is the smartest step.

    Audio Visual Service

    By enlisting experienced audio visual services with the theatre’s installation, you will have a peace of mind that every step of the process is properly taken care of – starting from soundproofing the room, connecting the wires and separate parts, and all the way to mounting the TV. But most importantly, a professional audio visual service can install a proper audio set up around key points in the room, which is what ultimately separates a large TV on the wall from the real cinematic experience. In order to get yourself truly immersed in the film you should consider a .71 surround sound system with eight separate channels that provides a realistic sound experience.

    While the professionals take care of the all hard work, you can look for ideas to furnish your theatre with comfy sofas and loveseats. If you got yourself the real deal with a separate theatre room, you’re free to fit some authentic theatre-style seating with several rows of seats. There’s a wide range of specialized seating for home theatres to choose from, with features that increase your viewing comfort such as tilt-back mechanisms and cup-holders. For unobstructed viewing consider elevating the back rows with a built-in platform.

    Finally, lighting is the also an important part of the whole cinematic experience. Since you’d want to limit distractions and create a focused viewing atmosphere, ceiling mounted lighting is your best option. Narrow your choice between recessed lighting and LED or fibre optic lighting strips across the edges of the ceiling or floor. Any hanging fixtures or wall sconces will reflect light on the screen and disturb the projected image. For your optimal viewing pleasure consider installing remote controlled, dimmable lights.