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    How to Choose the Best Pyjamas for Your Kid

    By on Last modified: November 4, 2021

    I don’t know about you but for me personally, pyjamas are the most comfortable clothing one could wear. Of course, this doesn’t apply when I want to go out and dress accordingly, but when staying at home all day, or doing work from home, I like to feel relaxed and cosy wearing my favourite PJs. Perhaps many people wouldn’t agree, but I don’t think I will ever change my opinion.

    kids with striped pyjamas

    Besides, shopping for sleepwear is so fun for me as there are such cute designs of pyjamas available both for adults and kids. I especially love finding matching sets of PJs for the whole family. Buying pyjamas for children can be an exciting experience, however, there are some essential factors that play a huge role in selecting the right ones.

    Always Go for Organic Fabrics

    Comfort mostly has to do with the choice of material, and this is one of the reasons organic sleepwear is so popular. When it comes to buying organic kids pyjamas, organic cotton is one of the best fabrics you can choose. This all-natural fabric is lightweight, and breathable, which allows enough air circulation. Moreover, it’s soft on the touch, which makes it suitable for kids’ gentle skin. However one of its drawbacks is that it does a poor job of insulating. so it may not be very suitable if worn in cooler climates without adequate blankets.

    set organic kids pyjamas

    Another suitable material for organic kids pyjamas is the 100% biodegradable bamboo fabric. If you are an eco-conscious person, bamboo pyjamas will make the perfect choice for your child. This fabric is a natural moisture-wicker, so it works by regulating the body temperature. Plus, its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties are very beneficial for kids with allergies and other related health issues.

    Besides these two, let’s not forget to mention wool fabric. Although, most people would think of it as not very suitable for kids, as it may cause itchiness or overheat, the opposite is actually true. The best organic types of wool such as merino wool, are certified and make one of the softest and best materials. According to experts, this type of material has the special features to trap little pockets of warm air, insulating and helping to regulate your child’s temperature. Moreover, sleeping in wool pyjamas has proven to help many kids to sleep better at night.

    Pick a Fun Design Your Kids Will Love

    We are visual creatures so we often shop with our eyes first. Usually, we are more prone to buy something that attracts our view at first glance, without paying too much attention to the quality. Well, with such a wide range of designs available how can we feel otherwise? While some parents prefer more subtle, plain designs others opt for a more colorful cute design for their little sweeties. For instance, some decide to pick the same choice of design for the whole family, which is what most people do especially around Christmas time.

    girl in fun design pyjama

    Just imagine the whole family rocking the same x-mas theme, gathered around the X-mas tree, unwrapping gifts. It’s the perfect moment to capture your Christmas memories with your whole family wearing matching pajamas.

    Make Sure the Pyjamas Fit

    Besides choosing the right type of fabric, your should bear in mind your child’s age so you can select the appropriate size and fit. Luckily, you can find pyjamas in different styles and sizes, which makes it an easy task to find suitable measurements for your kid. Still, different brands may differ in the sizes they offer so it’s best to look carefully at the dimensions and choose the right one that matches your child’s age.

    kid in fitted stripe pyjama

    Choose Between Different Types

    Finally, you should choose between the different types of pajamas available for kids. Some of the most common models are bodysuits, wearable blankets, and two-piece pyjamas. The bodysuit or most often referred to as onesies is a one-piece pyjama designed to cover the whole body. They are most usually designed for little babies, featuring convenient snaps and closures which makes it easier to navigate numerous outfit changes and quick diaper checks.

    A similar type to the one we mentioned so far, is the jumpsuit or romper, which is often known by the name footless sleepers. These types of pyjamas are also one-piece pyjamas that look pretty much like the onesies with the exception that they do not cover the feet. However, if you are someone who thinks practical, you will most likely opt for two-piece pyjamas for your kid, These types of pyjamas feature a separate top and a matching bottom, however, they’re most often suitable for older kids.