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    How to Decorate in Contemporary Style

    By on Last modified: October 28, 2021

    Whether you’re new to the world of interior design or you’re just rethinking your house decor, sometimes, it can be difficult to tell one interior design from another. So if you’re interested in something that is very vogue and continually developing, then contemporary decor may be the right style for you.

    contemporary style interior design living room

    What Is Considered Contemporary?

    The term “contemporary” signifies “of the moment”, and as a result, this home design is all about the present. Contemporary design covers styles created in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond, and is sometimes mistaken with modern and mid-century modern design. With inspirations from many cultures and styles, it’s a flowing design that’s all about innovation and change. Modern furniture generally has sharp angles and harsh lines, whereas contemporary furniture has rounded and softened lines.

    However, both modern and contemporary furnishings emphasize a simple style with prominent architecture. As a result, you’ll commonly find a contemporary table with a wood or concrete top and steel cross leg base. If the room is totally modern, we recommend sticking with wood and white steel, but if you’re leaning towards contemporary, the black steel legs will allow for clean integration with the monochromatic hues of contemporary style furniture.

    How to Decorate in Contemporary Style

    The number one rule, in this case, is “less is more.” As a result, it is critical to remember not to overcrowd your house with collections of too many objects. This method will allow all of your furniture pieces and accessories to not only breathe but also stand out. For example, contemporary design is distinguished by clean lines and smooth surfaces devoid of complex features.

    contemporaly gray living room

    So, resist the need to clutter your surfaces with photographs in frames, decorations, or other trinkets, and instead place a few well-chosen ornaments that will make the biggest impression in your house. If you want to add textural appeal to your room, you can look into leather or upholstered contemporary furniture, often in black, white, or other neutral tones.

    The Use of Colour

    The modern décor palette is dominated by neutral and natural tones. If you want to pay respect to this style, blacks, whites, tans, and greys should dominate your design. So, despite the fact that modern design is known for its use of soft and neutral colours, you may create a dynamic and fascinating atmosphere. To explain, you can use a combination of strong and aggressive colours against light and neutral colours. This may be a wall feature, a grouping of throw cushions, or even artwork. For example, if the walls and windows are pastels, the trimmings should be neutral.

    contemporaly white living room

    These stunning interiors combine neutral materials with vibrant colour, concentrating on the fundamentals of structure, form, and line. Interior designers all over the world laud modern style for its ability to break away from traditional décor while remaining elegant, thanks to its dynamic and bold designs that push limits and play with light.

    Furniture Pieces

    ​​Contemporary furniture should make a powerful statement while remaining basic and uncomplicated, with no curves or ornamentation. Geometric forms that are smooth and tidy are vital. One of the most obvious areas where today’s current design meets the popular modern style is clean-lined furniture. In today’s modern furniture styles, basic forms, clean lines, attractive yet simple shapes, and an emphasis on comfort all come together.

    As a result, the most important guideline is to keep things basic and tidy, with no ornamentation, and instead of overstuffed or floppy pieces, seek furniture with clean and well-defined lines. Ruffles, excessive carved features, curtains with fringe, or flowery patterns should never be used. Pillows with simple geometric forms offer a splash of colour and texture to a room. Use a simple background and make a statement with your favourite colour on a standout piece of furniture. Exposed legs are common on sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Beds and chairs are often devoid of skirts, trimmings, fringes, or tassels. And you should definitely get rid of any adorable or tiny pieces in favour of something more basic, stark, bold, and substantial.

    contemporary design with black and white details

    Stick to a basic shape to bring some modern flair to your home. Starting with the living room look for tables, chairs, and sofas with soft curves, a low profile, and smooth lines. The colour scheme for your living room would be neutrals. However, you don’t have to paint your entire space in neutral colours, you can use geometric patterns in a patterned rug or geometric wall art, for example. Furthermore, combining brass, wood, and black accents produces a dreamlike environment that is very “now.”

    Additionally, one-of-a-kind artworks, sculptural lamps, and vases create a statement without adding clutter or dominating the space, and would complement the furniture wonderfully. When many people hear the word contemporary, they think of bare or stark, as well as other words that do not evoke sentiments of comfort. However, as uncosy as it may sound, you’ll be surprised with how much comfort is built into this design furniture. When you step away from these stereotypes, you’ll see that the latest interior trends and comfort can exist side by side.

    elegant contemporary interior design styles living room

    Let’s face it – the side table is the furniture world’s unsung hero. It embodies the futuristic, geometric characteristics required for a contemporary setting. Side tables have ornamental powers to bring just the perfect colour or texture to a tiny space, as well as catchalls for remotes, drinks, magazines. The variety of side table designs out there is limitless, from sculptural tables with gentle waterfall edges to sturdy wood stools that serve as seating for that additional visitor that crashed your dinner party.

    Different materials may provide that extra textural note you need in your living room, foyer and bedroom. A practical side table in the bedroom or living area increases the adaptability of any space. Birch wood is the material you want in a modern setting, and the intersection of the steel bolts and the natural wood legs gives the item a fun charm. With all the contemporary side tables available and all of the creative ways you can style them, you can complete your living space with the perfect unit that can be both, functional and aesthetically pleasing.