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    How To Arrange Your Home With Decorative Pillows

    By on Last modified: November 25, 2015

    While most people start worrying that their interior decorating skills aren’t up to par, don’t worry just yet, although your decorative pillow skills might not be quite there, we have broken it down into some simple formulas that are sure to get you through any dilemma which requires decorative pillows.

    Decorative pillows are great when you want to bring new life into a room without redecorating everything; they can change the feel of a room in an instant. You just need to learn how to create the right combination and arrangement any time, anywhere. Some of these combinations might seem a bit odd or off, but trust me, once you see them arranged together, something special happens.


    The first combination is putting one pattern decorative pillow next to one solid colour decorative pillow. This is a classic and a simple mix, but it is one that is sure to make a big impact. You can do this with neutral or strong colours, but keep in mind that if you are using strong colours try to stick to a neutral backdrop. You could use an accent colour of the room and pair it with an opposing colour, or if you want something a little less dramatic you could choose a few shades off the same colour as your couch. You could even choose a neutral solid pillow and opt for a pattern one with lots of colours. The combinations you can create are endless and are sure to look good in any home.

    You can also try to mix it up by choosing one minimal patterned pillow and mix it with one bold patterned pillow. The trick to this is to choose a really minimal pattern on the first pillow, something neutral that has maybe just been stitched on in the same colour. If you choose something that doesn’t draw much attention, you can be free to choose whichever pattern you like for the bold pillow.

    Another classic way of making decorative pillows look like they fit together is by sticking to a base pallet of primary colours. The trick to nailing this is by sticking to mostly solid colour pillows but playing with the shape of different pillows like square, rectangular, and so on. You could also try to throw in a simple pattern like stripes for a fun look. You will know as soon as you see it if you got it right.


    Florals are another great choice for decorative pillows; they give that warm, inviting, feminine feel to any home. Now it might seem crazy but if you choose two different types of floral and they seem like they’re clashing patterns, most people will add a third or even fourth pillow with different patterns until it just all comes together. Another way you can bring different floral patterns together is by pairing a black and white print with a coloured print on a neutral background, now that is sure to liven up any living space.

    Colours are not usually what confuses people or make something look bad, most people just know when two colours don’t go together. The things that people can’t seem to match are patterns. The first way to add patterns is by choosing as many random patterns as you like but keeping them in the same colour scheme. Another way to incorporate patterns is by sticking to a certain theme, like tribal or animal prints. Don’t be afraid to play with opposite patterns either, you never know what might look good together and you won’t know until you play around with it and find what you like.

    Now while there seems like there are so many different formulas to this and you will never remember them all, don’t try to. Sometimes the best combinations are the ones that you come up with randomly, so don’t be afraid to really push the envelope and go for it, you never know what you might create with decorative pillows.