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    How to Create a Safe and Cosy Space for Your Canine Friend

    By on Last modified: June 19, 2024

    Just as humans need to feel safe and comfortable, so do our dogs. They need to have a safe corner in your house where they can unwind and enjoy some downtime during their day. Our furry friends need a soothing environment to help calm their nervous system every time they feel hypersensitive or overreactive. Providing your pooch with a safe space contributes significantly to your dog’s emotional and physical health.  

    There are several ways how to help your dog feel secure, relaxed and happy. One of the key elements is to have the right bed which will be your pup’s safe retreat. Explore the available options for dog bedding in Australia and find the best fit for your pooch. You can then start incorporating other elements that will help you create a soothing atmosphere. 

    Help Your Dog Feel Comfortable With These 6 Helpful Tips

    Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog

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    The comfort starts with the right bed. The bed is ultimately the foundation for your dog’s safety and happiness. Every dog needs to have a space to rest. But a dog’s bed it’s not only about the sole purpose of rest. It has also to do with supporting your dog’s joints and alleviating existing health-related discomforts. 

    A key component is to select the right bed for dogs. There is an extensive range of dog bedding in Australia which allows every dog parent to find a suitable bedding solution for their pup. 

    If you want to choose the right one, there are several steps you can take. First, observe your dog’s sleeping habits. Does your pooch love to sprawl out or curl up? For instance, a dog that loves to spread and stretch needs a larger bed with ample space. Dogs that tend to curl up will not benefit much from having a large bed where there is always space on the bed. They may feel a lot more comfortable and safer in beds with raised sides for added security. 

    Anxious pups prefer enclosed spaces as they make them feel more secure. They may feel much better and safer in soft and plushy doughnut-shaped beds. 

    If your canine friend has joint or hip issues or has reached elder age, orthopaedic beds with memory foam may be their best friends at this point. It will take away from the pressure on their joints and hips and help them sleep more comfortably. 

    Another excellent bedding solution for supporting the joints are dog beds made from a very thick polyester fleece which is also a hygienic and non-allergenic material. 

    Polyester fleece is also a great solution for those who have puppies. Since at this age, your pup is still too young to be able to adopt hygienic habits, polyester fleece will keep your puppy dry as it lets the liquid fall through the fleece lawyer. These beds are machine-washable, so cleaning the mess is quite easy. Plus, it’s a chewing-resistant material, so you don’t need to worry if the bed will be able to survive your pup’s “vicious attacks”. 

    Select the Right Location for That Will Be Your Pooch’s Safe Space

    Yes, buying your dog a bed is crucial for its safety and comfort, but, not enough. It’s crucial to choose a location in your house where your dog can feel most comfortable. Pick a spot that is quiet and free from high-traffic areas in your home so your pooch can retreat any time they feel like without disturbances. 

    Ensure the area is warm during winter and cool during summer. The right temperature also plays a role in how well and comfortable your pup feels. 

    Add Comforting Accessories

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    To help your dog feel even more comfortable, add accessories such as soft blankets or plush toys that they can sleep with and snug. You can even take an old plain t-shirt that you have at home to provide them with additional comfort and reduce their anxiety. Dogs love the scent of their owners, it calms down their nervous system. The tee will comfort your pooch during the hours you’re away from home. The takeaway is to always incorporate pet accessories to enhance your dog’s content and happiness. 

    Ensure Saftey

    Giving your canine companion a secure environment is not only essential for its emotional health. You should ensure that the dog’s rest area doesn’t have any hazardous elements such as cords with exposed wires or some items that your dog can chew on or ingest. Make sure that all these potentially risky elements are out of reach. Also, it’s a good idea to start crate training your dog so it stays protected when is home alone or unsupervised.

    Maintain Optimal Cleanliness

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    Wash your dog’s toys and bedding regularly. Keep the area clean from dust and debris. Make sure that your four-legged friend always has clean and fresh water available. A clean environment will also reduce the risk of infections and allergies.