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    How to Keep Your House Clean With Cats

    By on Last modified: April 20, 2021

    When it comes to cleanliness, cats have a great reputation. According to research, a healthy cat spends up to 50% of its day self-cleaning. Still, living with a cat can certainly make it challenging to stay on top of housework. Although cats may be cleaner than some other pets, their skin and feces can be home to many harmful bacteria and parasites. Moreover, unneutered male cats are likely to spray urine outside of the litter box to mark their territory, leaving a nasty smell behind.

    How to Make Your Home Cat-Friendly?

    cat sitting under the table

    Cats love their space and have different ways of using it. Cats like to crawl into tight spaces and jump anywhere they can reach. Even though your cat may come up with all kinds of ways to have fun, you may want to make your cat happy by making your home cat- friendly. This can include installing scratching posts at different points at the house, providing a cat cave your cat can crawl into and hide, get some cat shelves, perches or trees to create vertical space, and even installing a pet door to give it the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

    How to Keep a House With a Cat Clean?

    With all the cat hair and the odour that your cat can leave behind, maintaining a fresh-smelling home sure require some more work. Here are some useful tips for keeping your home clean.

    Use Odour Eliminating Products to Mask Smells

    The secret to masking odours is to deal with them right from the start, the moment you notice them yourself. And the most effective way of getting rid of the smell is to find out where the smell is coming from. It’s common for cat owners to catch their cat venturing over to the living room carpet, right after their trip to the litter box, and tracking some of their “business” with them. A secret weapon for situations like these is a carpet odour eliminator powder. You can easily find these cat cleaning products online or at local specialized stores. Simply sprinkle the scene of the crime, wait about 15 minutes or so, and vacuum it.

    cat cleaning products

    Another great way to eliminate cat odours is by lighting a pet odour extermination candle. This kind of candle will fill a small space quickly with a serene aroma. Lighting this kind of candle in the bathroom can help your guests forget that you share your bathroom with your cat altogether.

    Keep the Littler Box Clean

    Maintaining the litter box clean is a must for eliminating the unpleasant cat litter smell. Ideally, you should scoop the box at least once a day and replace the cat litter entirely every two weeks. When replacing the littler, make sure to give a box a good scrub using clean water and dish detergent. The location of the box also matters. Find a spot away from your kitchen and living room that your cat seems to like and try to avoid placing the box on carpets and surfaces alike.

    Brush Your Cat Often

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    No matter how much time your cat spends grooming itself, its hair is likely to end up everywhere around your house – on your furniture, carpet, curtains and on all of your clothes. To contain this, brush your cat regularly. This way, you’ll end up with less hair on your couch and floors and will also reduce the number of hairballs your cat coughs up.

    Wipe Down Your Counters

    Cats don’t usually follow rules. This means, whether or not you allow your kitty to walk on the counter, chances are that the same paws that touch the litter box will end up touching surfaces where food is prepared or eaten. More times than not, you won’t even see evidence of their tracks. The problem with that is your cat could be spreading tiny organisms such as toxoplasmosis, which can be particularly harmful to pregnant women and children.

    cleaning your counters

    To prevent this, make sure you wipe your counters down with a paper towel and cleaning solution before and after you put food on them. But watch out for the cleaning products you use as many popular household sprays harbour harmful chemical that can be toxic if ingested for cats. What cleaning products are safe for cats, you may ask? Usually, products that don’t contain ammonia, bleach, phthalates and benzalkonium chloride.

    Tips for Keeping Your Cat Safe While Cleaning the House

    • Before you buy cat cleaning products, read the labels carefully to find out if the ingredients are safe and make sure you follow the instructions accordingly. Some products can present harm risks depending on their composition and how much they should be diluted. Using more than recommended dose can be dangerous for your cat.
    • When bathing your cat, use only shampoos formulated for cats and follow the directions. Don’t assume shampoos formulated for dogs are appropriate for cats unless the label specifies both species. Also, don’t use wet wipes on pets unless they’re labelled as pet grooming wipes.
    • To clean pet bedding, use special cat cleaning supplies. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents.