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    If You Want To Beat A Boring Sex Life, It’s Time To Get Adult Toys

    By on Last modified: August 17, 2015

    Your partner has always been great in the sack. Actually, you haven’t heard any complaints about your performance either. However, after doing the missionary and doggy positions for so long, and even after trying some more ‘exotic positions’, which look amazing on the picture but impractical in action, you have found that plain old sex with your partner is getting boring.


    Couples around the world face that same issue at some point in their relationship. Perhaps, boring sex life is the main cause why many people cheat, fight and end their relationships. Even if it doesn’t go to that extreme, a boring sex life is never a good thing.

    Have you ever consider implementing adult toys in your relationship? If not, you should. Adult toys will change your relationship for good. You will be amazed how you and your partner will fight less, be more intimate, and even become more social. Everything will be more sexier, fresher and invigorating.

    The following list contains some goodies that will surely spice up your sex life. It is not that you have to buy all of them, but you should definitely give few a try.

    Couples Enhancer Ring

    This is one of the adult toys that is designed especially for couples. It slides around man’s penis and testicles to create a stronger erection, while the vibrators hit against a woman’s clitoris when the man thrusts. But that is not the only way a couples enhancer ring can be used. The good thing about this toy is that it is versatile and can be enjoyed in different ways. Move the vibrator so it is underneath the man’s shaft for stimulation during doggy style. The man can also wear it so it vibrates against his perineum (the space between his anus and testicles) for an unforgivable experience.


    There are some models that can stimulate woman’s clitoris and G-spot at the same time. It can be used together with your partner, solo and experienced with positioning. Women find it very helpful for sussing out where their G-Spot is. As a woman usually takes seven times as long as men to have an orgasm, holding a vibrator against a woman clitoris while the partner is thrusting can help bringing the women over the edge faster.


    Luna Beads

    Luna beads are adult toys designed to help a woman strengthen her orgasm. The beads act as a sort of vaginal personal trainer, hence the more a woman uses them, the more intense her orgasm will be. If you have orgasm most of the time, but want to experience more intense ones, Luna beads is what you need.

    Heart Massager

    Heart massager is a versatile adult toy to enjoy during foreplay. Made of soft, supple silicone, the heart massager makes erotic massage even more pleasurable, allowing both of you to explore each others body. It features 7 amazing functions and all you need to do is to press a simple push-bottom control.