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    Industrial Mats: A Necessity for Spotless Workplace

    By on Last modified: September 21, 2018

    Even minimalists have to agree when it comes to the workplace, you can’t always be minimal; Functionality is much more important for a successful outcome. The typical example for this would be the floors: while minimalists wouldn’t mind seeing them bare, it’s not exactly the ideal option thinking long-term.

    Regardless whether it’s a high-traffic area or not, the floors need the adequate industrial mats as their covers. There are various types of mats you can choose from, starting from the basic entrance matting, hard wearing and washable, with the option to print your logo on it, then tube tred matting for the slippery and oily surfaces, air grid matting providing relief from continuous standing, to entrance matting in hazardous areas.

    industrial mats (1)

    Though they don’t seem as that much of a necessity, they can benefit the business in many ways. First, there’s the hygienic aspect. If there are many people constantly going in and out of the building, you can be sure dirt will find its way in too. During the wet and cold days things only get worse, since there are more illnesses lurking, and not all of the dirt can be removed by cleaning.

    When there are industrial mats hygiene is on an elevated level as they prevent the dust and dirt from being trapped inside the building, much more efficiently than carpets that demand more cleaning. In terms of cleaning itself, they can significantly reduce the cleaning time, and not surprisingly cleaning costs also.

    Then there’s the fact mats protect the floor surfaces from scratches, and wear, cutting down on the repair and replacement costs. This is an example of how a small, yet essential, investment can save you from additional bigger investments; it saves money and time.

    industrial mats (2)Safety is of utmost importance and should never be overlooked. Including mats in the workplace where there are lots of people around, both from staff and visitors, means it can save you from the worry of slips and trips (especially in wet conditions), and the risks of related injuries that otherwise would be at the cost of the business and in the case of employees, an increase in sick leaves. Where there are injuries, there are also compensation claims, so it’s worth having this risk in mind to convince you bare floors are to be avoided.

    Last but not least, the image. The image the company gives off is crucial because your reputation depends on it, and customers can judge when your floors don’t exactly look their best. Unless you want stained reputation, maintain floors spotless by covering them with mats.