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    Is Your Dog Sabotaging Your Sleep? Get Him a Dog Bed

    By on Last modified: November 24, 2015

    I know you love your fluffy dog and all the joy it brings you, but I also know you are not the happiest human on Earth when you wake up in the morning with bags under your eyes, feeling tired and confused as if you ran a marathon the previous night (as you wish you did). If you are waking up like that often, then my guess is that you allow your dog to sleep in your bed! Naturally, a dog will change positions, will growl from time to time, and to be honest, as cute as it may be, it is disturbing your sleep. And a sleep that has been interrupted several times, is not a beauty sleep. Nor one that charges your batteries. So for that matter, if you suffer because of your dog, you definitely need to do something about it.

    For Starters, How About a Dog Bed?

    If you have already taught your dog to sleep with you in your bed, you are the one to blame. But no worries, there is a way to fix that: a dog bed! Get your dog its own bed and train him to sleep and take his naps in it. I know you will not be pleased to do so, and probably think that you are going to traumatize the pet, but that is not the case at all. The thing is, you must not be aggressive, but be very patient with him. You do not just get the dog his own bed, and tell him: “now you sleep here” and expect him to actually start doing it. It will take time and a lot of treats to get him accustomed to his new retreat.


    Retrain the Pet

    It is important to teach your dog that now it has a whole new dog bed which is all completely his to sleep in. As I mentioned, this may be a little hard to achieve, but with time and practice, he will get the point. If however, he still drags its bed next to yours, you can allow him to do so for a while and give him a snack as a reward for not climbing on your bed. Also, if he gets too loud and this bothers you, use a gate that will allow him to see you but prevent him from entering your bedroom.

    Teach Your Dog Some Good Habits

    Be smart when it comes to training your dog; it is like teaching your kids how to behave, for which I believe you stress a lot and pay a lot of attention to. And how won’t you, it is important. So, it is a good idea to train your dog from day one. A lot of people use crate training, which is a good form of teaching a dog where it should not sleep. The crate den is often perceived as a sleeping retreat, so you should place it somewhere far from the bedroom, so that morning licking and scratching will not wake you up.