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    It’s Never too Late to Develop a Crush on Roller Skates

    By on Last modified: August 29, 2016


    Roller skates were first invented in the 18th century as a substitute for ice skating, but they didn’t become popular until about 200 years later with the invention of the polyurethane wheels which made them much faster and cheaper. The period from the 1950s through the 1970s was the golden age of roller skates. Roller skating merged with disco music and naturally became a significant part of that culture, but it also evolved into a competitive sport called roller derby. Roller skating made a second comeback in the 1980s and 1990s with the introduction of inline roller blades which inevitably sparked the nostalgia for retro roller skates and the whole culture associated with them.

    Today, the same technology that goes into top-notch inline roller blades is applied to the retro design of roller skates which are also known today as quad skates. You can now buy retro roller skates Brisbane wide, with the same quality and performance as the latest models of modern inline blades, as well as a wide range of colours and styles.

    There are three basic types of retro roller skates Brisbane wide, and each of them have a different design based on the skating style, where the skating takes place, and of course, the experience level. However, today there is a large variety of models that you can use for any type of skating and not just the specific purpose you chose them for.

    Speed skates, as you can tell from the name, are designed to go fast and that makes them a very popular choice. They feature a low cut boot that fits pretty much like a tennis shoe. This design offers more flexibility and helps going around corners. The freedom of movement that speed skates offer, makes them ideal for dance skating and speed skating. They come with different sets of wheels and bearings that fit the different needs of skaters.

    There are also indoor and outdoor skates. Indoor skates have a traditional design and are made for skating in a roller rink for artistic dance or rhythm skating. The boots are high for better control during spins and jumps, while the wheels are more narrow for better maneuverability. Outdoor skates, on the other side, may come with both high and low boots, but the main difference between indoor and outdoor skates are the wheels. The wheels of outdoor skates are softer and more absorbent to provide a smooth ride on rough concrete surface.

    With roller derby making a huge comeback there is also a huge demand for roller derby skates. These skates have a low cut boot and are designed to withstand all kinds of abuse. Roller derby is a rough sport, but it is also a fast paced one. This means that besides durability, roller derby skates can get up to high speeds very quickly and also perform good through tight turns.

    In general, retro rollers skates or quad skates, are a preferred choice not only because of their cool retro look, but also because the way their wheels are arranged. They are much more stable than inline skates, making them a perfect choice for beginners.