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    Kids’ Ballet Tutus: What are the Different Options?

    By on Last modified: September 18, 2019

    Every little ballerina is dreaming of becoming a prima ballerina who can dance on a big stage dressed in a perfectly made tutu. The tutu is an inseparable part of a ballet performance and can be made of materials like muslin, tulle, silk, tarlatan, nylon or gauze. Worn by ballerinas of all ages, tutus are magical pieces of clothing that can transform dancers into more visually captivating versions of themselves.

    childrens ballet tutu

    Although your little ballerina doesn’t need to wear one in ballet class, she still needs to own one for the day when she will perform ballet on a stage. It is a piece worn exclusively for performances, while for practicing, there is a practice tutu that is used to help dancers get used to how much available space they’ll have the space around them and their partners once they are actually performing in front of an audience. When it comes to buying tutu for your sweet ballerina, you will probably be surprised by the wide range of childrens ballet tutus for sale available and you may find yourself confused by the different types. Yes, not all tutus are made equal and here are the different options you can find.

    childrens ballet tutus
    • Romantic tutu – This type of tutu is a long flowing skirt made of tulle. It usually has five or six layers of material and reaches somewhere around mid-calf.
    • Pancake tutu – This one comes straight out from the hips with several layers of tulle and net. It is short in length and supported by a wire hoop that is embedded in the layers. Since this tutu is short, it is usually designed with on a pair of briefs so it won’t slip down.
    • Bell tutu – Along with the pancake tutu, bell tutu is another classic option. It is short and made of many layers of netting, all with the same length. Since it’s not supported by a wire hoop, this tutu falls a little thus creating the shape of a bell.
    • Platter tutu – This one is very similar to the pancake style with the only difference that it has a flat top. Instead of being pleated, the flat top of the platter tutu is decorated.
    • Balanchine tutu – This type is also known as a powder-puff tutu and it is short but it doesn’t stick out like the platter and pancake options. Most of the layers are same length and they don’t have a wire hoop for support. It comes with a soft feel and appearance and dancer are able to move pretty easily while wearing one of these.

    Tutus are complicated and time-consuming to make and that’s what makes them a bit expensive, but they are still a must for a ballerina. However, tutus for kids and those for adult professional ballerinas differ in the price range so, when it comes to little ballerinas, you can really find some very affordable and good-quality childrens ballet tutus for sale. The good thing about tutus is that their size can be adjusted. Since they are hard and expensive to make, dance companies ensure that one costume can fit more than one dancer.