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    Laminate Flooring: Prepare to be Amazed!

    By on Last modified: May 17, 2017

    Though I’ve had my share of home makeovers, I didn’t know much about flooring until recently my floor was urging for some changes. I believe this is quite common – we’re all more focused on the patterns and styles of furniture and art elements rather than floor itself. Perhaps it wouldn’t be on your mind in terms of interior décor, but it can make a huge difference. Being in need to replace the current flooring at home, I only had vinyl in mind because it was the only option I’ve known most of as part of the current flooring trends.

    However, since I wanted to get the real feel and beauty of wood, yet still find a more affordable and reliable variant, laminate came to play. As a person who is very caught up in work and the creative processes when I’m supposed to be at leisure, you can guess I don’t have all the time in the world for taking care of chores, let alone do a great deal of floor cleaning. If you’re like me, then you’ll look no further than laminate longboard flooring. I’ve come to know, it’s not only low on maintenance, it’s also easy to install thanks to the click system which makes for easy uninstalling as well, so even this first step of making laminate part of your home isn’t demanding much.

    longboard laminate

    Considering it’s not that rare that I find myself strolling from room to room with my stilettos on, my primary concern was what if it gets damaged same way my previous wooden flooring did. Much to my surprise, due to the addition of a superior wear layer, longboard flooring is both impact and scratch resistant which already got my full attention. I was already thinking “Shut up and take my money”; little did I know, there was more in store in the surprises department.

    Nowadays, we’ve all become prone to allergies due to the rising air pollution in cities, and let’s face it, flooring (even when not combined with rugs) is a nice spot for airborne allergens, piles of dust and cleaning chemicals. The ingenuity of the longboard flooring design and its wooden planks doesn’t harbour dust, chemicals or airborne allergens, meaning it’s a hypoallergenic flooring solution, so you can say bye to nasal congestion, running nose and sneezing.

    Thanks to the constant upgrades (this is the century of innovations and improvements after all), the worry of water damages is gone too. Unlike in the past when vinyl was superior to laminate in water resistance, today’s laminate flooring is the combination of durability and versatility, so water is no longer something to dread. Along with all this, you can expect to get a long period of warranty coverage, as up to 25 years. Of course, taking all this into account is convincing enough, but what won me over was the variety of colour hues.

    From vintage oak, reclaimed grey oak and chocolate oak, to the varieties of modern oak hues, it’s not only easy to replace the entire home flooring but also partially, without making the place look all patched up. Its silk matt finish suffices as decoration, which is why I didn’t find the need to resort to the aesthetics of decorating elements to breathe some vibrancy into my interior; I let nature take the reigns and used plants (the many options of yucca and succulents) to further amp up the appeal of the wooden planks.

    Great thing about this flooring is, no matter your interior style, you can be sure it would be the perfect match so you too can join the club of laminate flooring fans.