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    Letterbox Sale: The Time to Buy is Now

    By on Last modified: June 8, 2017

    Despite technology revolutionising our lifestyles and habits, there are still some that are here to stand the test of time. One of them has got to be the way we receive mail. Sure, we all use electronics (more than we’d like to admit), and we use the internet to exchange letters and documents through emails, but there’s still something about receiving mail the good old fashioned way that’s difficult to give up on.

    Having the chance to actually look forward to receiving “snail” mail and feel the texture of the mail delivery is worth more than electronic form mail can ever give us – other than speed that is. This goes to show exactly how important getting mail is, and it’s not just the way we receive it but the letterbox we receive it in itself.


    Just the thought of the letterbox gives us an insight into how crucial of a role it has on our outdoor home décor. Same as with all the choices we make, that of letterbox speaks volumes about our personalities. Just look around you, your neighbours homes, your relatives homes and you get to see the way their letter drop reveals something about them; a traditional letterbox says they’re not all up for change and have a rather nostalgic view on life, modern sleek designed letterbox on the other hand says they like to keep up the pace with trends and prefer taking life in a simpler form.

    Your best bet regarding this would be to get the letterbox that blends in with the modern surroundings, one that’s the perfect blend of functionality and elegance, and is made to last. We’re lucky nowadays because the world of letterboxes is vast, so just a search through a letterbox sale can provide us with some quality unique designs ideal for further adding to landscaping. Not only would you be able to enhance the outdoor décor, particularly the front, but also make a statement with your letterbox choice.

    If you want to make the most of the purchase, even at a letterbox sale, you can’t go wrong by opting for the custom made alternative. The new approach to an old concept results in iconic options that are made to impress. From quality wood designs with smooth finish, to minimal stainless steel, you can bet your new letter drop would define your outdoor space. The choice doesn’t end there considering you can also make up your mind on one of the different installing options due to the modular design: into existing walls (with or without a planter), post mount, and fence mount.

    On the plus side, certain quality mailboxes give you the opportunity to customise them, be it in colour, finishing, or something engraved which means you have the freedom to express your personality and creativity to the fullest. What better way to receive mail than a stylish way?