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    Light Up Your Camping Trip: Here’s What You Can Choose From

    By on Last modified: September 5, 2018

    There’s nothing quite like enjoying the shows nature offers us, and one of them has to be the magic of sunsets. Escaping the concrete jungles with camping trips is the way to have more of these shows but as soon as darkness falls it sure brings out the fearful side of most of us. Even those who claim to be brave tremble at the sudden noises in the dark.

    So what are we scaredy cats to do? Simple, make use of 12v lighting. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling 4WD style or have another vehicle, as long as you have a 12V power setup you can make use of 12V lights to light up your camping adventure.


    You have plenty of options with this choice, from rope lights, to bar lights and strip lights, there are all types of LEDs so why not allow yourself this luxury. You would be able to go to the bathroom or kitchen without the need to carry a torch or headlamp, and have the chance to create a romantic atmosphere without worrying it’s going to cost you much or take up of your time to set it up.

    LEDs win over other lights because of how durable and versatile they are, and they also guarantee safety and security, enabling you to light up a pathway. However, if you’re up for something old-fashioned, don’t forget good old Christmas lights that work on batteries. Just make sure you bring a lot of extra batteries with you! On the other hand, it can be exhausting to change batteries all the time which is where natural sources come in handy: solar and wind-up lights.

    These two work even at cloudy days as well as at night, and they are working with sustainable energy meaning they are eco-friendly. Another must-have lighting source that’s portable and isn’t a flashlight is the ingenious glow stick. For broader coverage, you can rely on the old-fashioned lanterns that you can hang around the tent, or campsite.

    If possible, tiki torches make a great addition too, as long as they are approved at the campsite. Going back to basics, candles are always welcome when you want to surround yourself with softer lighting, yet it’s essential to remember to be careful whenever using them because they can easily lead to an accident.

    Then of course, the campfire. Campfires have become the synonym of camping trips over the years, ideal for cooking, storytelling, and gamenights, so if you don’t mind setting one up and putting it out properly, you’d have the light, warmth, and fun you need for an unforgettable camping experience.