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    Living Room Accessories to Take Your Space to the Next Level

    By on Last modified: November 30, 2021

    There are many ways to bring style to your living room, from using small table decorations like vases and trays, all the way to decorating bigger surfaces like the floor and the wall. If you decorate the walls in the right ways, you can achieve incredible things – make your space look wider, make it feel more luxurious, add colour or tie the existing colours of the room together, and so much more.

    Wall Art

    pastel wall art

    Nothing can take home to the next level in terms of style as art. Art makes us feel good, it adds beauty to the surrounding area, it has the ability to affect the atmosphere of the space, and so on. This is why art belongs everywhere, and it’s also why nothing beats decorating your walls with wall art.

    Choosing art is very personal. Most people will choose it by the way it makes them feel. More importantly, art allows adding a personal touch to your space. However, when it comes to using art as a way to decorate a living room, you will have to follow some loose guidelines. This mainly refers to making sure that the colours, the size, the style, the texture, etc. enhance the aesthetical value of the space. And, then, taking the interior design style of your home into account, you can choose pastels wall art, go for something more vibrant, and pick between abstract or nature-themed artworks.

    One of the best things about wall art is that it will allow you to achieve beautiful visual effects, and it can help you influence the atmosphere. However, to positively affect your style, you should always make sure that you keep the balance and take the interior design as a guide, rather than add an art piece that will simply feel like it has no place in your living room.

    When you are decorating with art proportionality and placement is also very important. For instance, placing a single narrow wall art piece over a sofa will look quite odd, whereas placing one bigger artwork, or maybe a triptych, will look beautiful. In terms of placement, wall art can look beautiful virtually anything. Also, it doesn’t always have to be hung on the wall. You can prop it on the wall, standing on a side table, or on a shelf, and so on. Furthermore, it can stand alone, or you can place different decorations next to it, play with heights, patterns or textures to add depth and interest.


    wallpaper design bamboo

    Another way to take advantage of the biggest surface of the living room, the backdrop of every element you place in it, is to look at wallpaper designs and choose one that can enhance the beauty of the space. Nowadays wallpapers come in an incredible range of designs, offering many different decorative opportunities, regardless of whether your living room is in a traditional, modern or contemporary style.

    Wallpapers can be made of many different materials, including vinyl and natural materials such as grasscloth or bamboo. Different materials offer different textures, and in design, the texture is often used to add interest, drama and overall style. Moreover, you can use wallpapers to create the visual effect you are going for. For instance, vertical stripes can make the room seem visually higher, 3D wallpaper designs or ones with geometric shapes to add dimension, lighter colours can make the living room appear wider, and so on.

    Wallpapers aren’t only used for covering all the walls. You can choose a nice pattern you like to create a feature wall, you can use them to cover a small part of a wall or a small wall, furniture pieces, the back of a bookshelf or you can even put a piece in a frame, and use it as an art piece. Because of how diverse wallpapers are, interior designers, love to use them for creating feature walls in a stylish and luxurious way. They are the perfect way to make your room more impactful and draw the eye towards the best features of your living room’s décor.

    Decorative Mirrors

    Living Room Mirror
    Source: Nimvo

    Another popular way of creating a wall that will enhance the style of your living room is by decorating with mirrors. These houseware products are an essential item in every bathroom or bedroom, whereas in a living room, while they aren’t a necessity per se, they can give you the perfect opportunity to make it unique and enhance the aesthetical appearance.

    Homeowners and interior designers often place decorative mirrors strategically to achieve any visual effect they are going for. Besides being used in bathrooms where they are a must, they can also be used to add depth and visually make the space wider in a small living room.

    Moreover, you can take advantage of the reflection in a number of incredible ways. For instance, you can place it opposite any element you love in your living room, or opposite your favourite pastel wall art piece to create an interesting symmetrical look, while also being able to enjoy the art even more. You can also place it opposite an interesting wallpaper design, to add more texture to a monochrome wall, or the other way around, hang it on your wallpapered feature wall to make it more interesting with the reflection of the opposite wall. You can even cover an entire wall with a mirror, to reflect your lovely décor.

    The most common reason why people use mirrors to decorate living rooms, though, is to add more brightness to the room. For this, you can place it next to a window or on the opposite wall. Nowadays you can find a wide range of different decorative mirrors, with different sizes, interesting shapes, frames, frameless, and so on. You can make mosaics with smaller mirrors on a feature wall, you can place a simple framed mirror on a shelf by itself, or combine it with a piece of wall art, along with other decorative elements like your family photos, vases, candles, etc.