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    More Than an Eco-Friendly Option: Reasons to Switch to Reusable Shopping Bags

    By on Last modified: July 12, 2019

    In just the first 3 months since the ban on plastic bags has been issued, Australia managed to cut its plastic bag use by an amazing 80%. So, as an alternative to plastic bags, supermarkets are providing paper bags which can decompose fast and are recyclable. However, this option isn’t the best for the environment either as these bags are produced either from trees (which is a problem considering the growing deforestation) or from recycled material which takes a lot of energy to process.

    But luckily, there’s a much better option. One which might not be offered by the supermarkets and stores you shop at, but which you can provide for yourself – reusable bags. Switching to bags that you can use indefinitely as opposed to only one-time is one of the best things you can do to help the environment. However, there are some additional (and not so obvious) benefits to reusable bags.

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    Save Money

    As some supermarkets and stores charge extra money for bags, having some reusable bags on disposal can be a convenient way to avoid paying more. Although the extra charge isn’t astronomical, considering how often we go shopping, this can add up into some significant savings. And with the prices on produce rising, by using reusable produce bags Australia consumers will be able to save some money.

    Extra Convenience

    I’m sure you remember the painful feeling of a heavy plastic bag pulling at your fingers. Well, with reusable bags you won’t ever have to experience this again. Bags made of reusable materials have soft handles that don’t put pressure on your fingers, allowing you to carry goods at long distances with ease. Some reusable bags have large handles allowing you to carry them over your shoulder and free up your hands. As a result, reusable bags can get rid of some of the most annoying things about shopping.

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    Stylish Statement

    While plastic bags used to be ugly, came in bright colours and were covered in the store’s logo and name, you can find reusable produce bags Australia wide in all sorts of designs. You can pick one in a minimalist, neutral design that won’t take away any attention off your carefully selected outfit. Or you can get one with a fun print to cheer you up. In the case of cotton reusable bags, you can even customize them with badges, patches or DIY embroidery. In any case, you’ll be making an eco-friendly AND a fashion statement at the same time!


    And then there’s also the fact that reusable bags are a more pet-friendly option. Considering how our furry friends like to chew on everything, they can easily bite off and swallow a piece from a plastic or a paper bag. And this can lead to choking. However, reusable bags made of cotton don’t tear easily, which means they cannot be swallowed by pets.