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    Must-have Bamboo Knitwear Clothing Pieces Every Woman Would Love

    By on Last modified: June 19, 2019

    One thing many women love about cooler weather is knitwear clothes. Those soft and knitted clothing pieces can be one’s best ally when it comes to staying warm while being stylish. That being said, nothing can beat the quality, durability and warmth of bamboo knitted clothing pieces.

    Well-known for its amazing renewable properties and fast-growing abilities, bamboo has become the first-fabric choice among many fashion designers. When compared to cotton, studies have shown that bamboo is more breathable and has more antibacterial and moisture-wicking properties. What’s more, if you decide to buy ladies knitwear made from bamboo, you can enjoy its excellent warmth thanks to the thermo-regulating properties. In other words, bamboo clothing pieces can keep you warm when the weather is cool and cool when the weather is warm. Since bamboo is considered the perfect alternative to cotton, polyester, and even wool, a woman should own at least the basic clothing pieces, especially those for when the weather is cooler.


    Roll Neck

    Owning a fine knit bamboo roll neck is like owning a pair of jeans. It is a universal piece of clothing that can be paired literally with everything, both in autumn and winter. Besides being pleasant and warm because of the amazingly soft bamboo fibre, one should own knitwear like this because of its simplicity. It offers an elegant style that can instantly enhance an outfit. It is great for layering which is of vital importance during the cold winter days. You can wear it with a pencil skirt or elegant/casual pants or jeans which makes it ideal for creating both casual and more elegant outfits.

    Tip: Make sure you invest in a mid-weight weave for maximum usage.

    Scoop Neck

    Just like the roll neck, scoop neck long-sleeved bamboo knitted t-shirts are versatile pieces of clothing. One of the reasons why women decide to buy ladies knitwear like this is because of the subtle reveal of skin. This blouse can be worn to work paired with elegant pants or skirt, as well as with jeans for achieving a more casual look. Thanks to its simplicity, a thin knitted clothing piece like this can be paired even with yoga pants. Available in many colours, this type of bamboo long-sleeved scoop neck knit can be worn under a jumper, coat or jacket for extra warmth.

    Blazer & Cardigan

    A woman’s wardrobe would not be complete without at least one cardigan or blazer. For those who can’t get tired of these clothing pieces, i am sure you’ll enjoy the beauty, softness and sophistication of a bamboo knitted blazers/cardigans. Except for the usual loose versions of cardigans, you can invest in one that resembles both thanks to the collar and belt. These types of blazer-cardigans can be worn with different types of skirts, black jeans, and different types of pants, even with loose-fitting trousers.