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    Off-Road Recovery Gear: The Most Popular Recovery Solutions

    By on Last modified: August 27, 2020

    If you’re looking to explore the great Australian outdoors, whether it’s hunting, camping or off-roading in the outback, you’re going to need some 4×4 recovery gear in case you get stuck somewhere along the road. Luckily, nowadays there are many different types of off road recovery gear, and they’re all just a few clicks away. Online shopping has made off-road equipment widely accessible to everyone, everywhere. The only thing you have to do is decide on the tools you prefer having with you. The most popular pieces of recovery gear include the following.


    Recovery Straps

    Recovery straps are the most commonly used pieces of off road recovery gear as they’re considered the strongest and most reliable when the time comes to pull your vehicle out of snow, mud or sand. You want straps that have triple-reinforced end loops so that you can confidently attach a pair of shackles to them and rest assured they won’t fray, tear or rip. Some straps feature hooks, but those are generally considered less safe.

    Recovery Shackles

    Recovery shackles are some of the most useful pieces of off road recovery equipment, and they’re generally paired with something like a winch, snatch blocks or straps. Any of these combinations will provide you with the ultimate recovery solution for getting unstuck. The shackles come in a closed loop design, meaning you can put a tow strap looped end and attach it to your 4×4 with one shackle and close the loop. When buying recovery shackles, pay attention to their weight capacity.

    Shackle Hitch

    A shackle hitch, as its name implies, is a hitch with a built-in shackle that allows for both vertical and horizontal shackle positioning to hoist, tow or pull. Again, the weight capacity of the shackle hitch is important. You can leave the shackle hitch on your vehicle at all times, as it isn’t disruptive and you never know when you can make use of it.

    Recovery Tracks

    Recovery tracks, especially those from MAXTRAX, are some of the most versatile pieces of recovery gear. Although you might need to put more manual effort into getting unstuck using recovery tracks, you’ll be able to get out of almost every situation. MAXTRAX recovery tracks double down as shovels, so you can dig around your tyres before placing them, allowing your 4×4 to gain traction and momentum. They’re usually light, yet extremely durable and compact, so you can easily store them in your trunk.