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    Outdoor Area of Your Dreams: Here’s How to Pull it Off

    By on Last modified: February 4, 2020

    Having an outdoor space is both a blessing and a curse; on the one side you get to enjoy the perks of the outdoors, entertaining during the hot days of the year in fresh air, and on the other you have to give the space an upgrade every now and then, think of the weather and how it affects the furnishings.

    Taking care of the décor might not be among your priorities, especially if you don’t have that much of a budget to begin with however, having in mind it’s connected to the curb appeal as well as the value of your home in general it sure deserves some attention. This is why the selection of stylish garden furniture and accessories calls for more thoughtful decision-making to find what appeals your individual creativity.

    The Style

    Since the options are vast, you ought to start from the basics, which is the style of the furniture. It’s advisable to consider the outdoor area as a whole to be able to make a more harmonious choice, not just what you like merely for the looks but what goes well in the area without it causing a visual mess the minute you introduce it; you need furniture pieces that would stand out fitting in, not ending up being an eye-sore!

    This includes the accessories too, so when you set on a shopping mission, don’t forget to think of the bigger picture. I get it, you may think friends and family get together to have fun, not to analyse your furnishings taste but it certainly comes in handy when you create an eye-catching outcome relying on pieces full of personality that complete the space, an outcome that would even serve as an example to others around you.

    The Materials


    It’s a no brainer you ought to consider the materials the garden furniture is made from, after all it’s meant to be durable to withstand the sun and perhaps occasional rain (if you decide to keep the furniture outdoors year-round) and serve you for years to come, so prior to spending your money, you need to know what you’re spending it on exactly.

    While some materials are famous for their quality, like in the case with teak, cast iron and the latest hit, concrete, due to the hardwearing properties, craftsmanship has a say in it too. This is why the way something is made is important to the same extent, specifically the processes included in the making, which might set the price a little higher but when you think long-term, and that this is what pays off, it’s money well spent.

    If you decide to include some fabrics in the decoration, in the form of cushions, tablecloths and even rugs, then it’s necessary to think of their durability too, considering how they’d weather with time.

    The Care

    Now this is an aspect that’s related to the one above because when you buy something of quality it means you won’t have to worry too much about caring for it, basically because it’s able to withstand some wear and tear. The last thing you need is buying furniture that requires more maintenance than your indoor alternative, especially when you intend to have all the fun in the garden instead of spending the time on chores.

    The Size


    Not less important than the other three, same as with choosing indoor furniture you can’t buy something without first knowing whether or not the size is adequate for your garden. This also depends on your entertaining level, the amount of parties and the number of people you’d plan on inviting, so you have to think in advance to choose the ideal table, chairs and sun loungers .

    There’s more to include in the equation if there are other furniture pieces and accessories around, a pool, a spa, a pond, for instance. When it comes to comfort, there are sofas and benches too, and in case you want them to amp up the cosiness, then you have to calculate their sizes also.

    Furthermore, if you had your eyes set on a square or round table, maybe a rectangular one would be better for the space, allowing you to place it beside a wall thus free up more floor space. Additionally, think of using the corners to the fullest with the help of flowerbeds, pots or statues; other than filling them up, you’d pull off a dramatic transformation.

    The Compactness

    Even people who don’t have a spacious garden can make the most of it with the careful selection of the garden furniture; it may sound like mission impossible but it’s nothing you can’t handle, all you have to do is think of the design that’s more compact, has flexibility, and storage. Likewise, it’s good to find pieces that have a dual purpose, as with benches that can serve as seating and tables depending on the occasion.