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    Picking the Suitable Illumination Solutions for Camping and Everyday Use

    By on Last modified: April 14, 2020

    Performing outdoor activities throughout the night requires proper illumination to make sure you can make your way around safely and do whatever you’re doing efficiently. Torches are still the most versatile and functional sources of light in a wide range of scenarios – whether you’re navigating a campsite at night, walking your dog through the neighbourhood, hiking the nearby trail or when there’s a power outage at home and you need some emergency illumination. While having multiple lighting solutions such as a lantern, a headlamp and keyring torch will have you covered for every situation under the moon, the reality is – what most of us usually need and take is just one powerful LED torchlight.

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    So, if you’re looking to buy a flashlight, you’ll need to make sure you get a powerful, durable and waterproof one that you can use in all types of weather. Ideally, the torch shouldn’t be too heavy so that you can easily use it without straining your hands. Further, it should have rechargeable batteries and a variety of lighting modes. One of the best online torch models you’ll find nowadays is the Olight SR30II Rechargeable LED Torch. Some other flashlights of equal quality are the LED Lenser P4X Pen, and various other models from brands like NiteCore, Fenix and ThruNite and Klarus.

    But before you start browsing online torch models from any brand, you need to consider your needs as there are myriad of options on the market. For instance, a small, compact torch will be ideal for those who want an illumination source that can be stashed in the bag so they always have emergency light at hand. For those who don’t mind travelling with a little more bulk, tactical flashlights are powerful enough to create an intense beam to locate something or someone. Rechargeable models are more expensive but their higher cost will pay itself out in the long term. You won’t have to constantly buy new batteries, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint.

    Torches come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Their beam strength can range from 10 to over 5000 lumens. You don’t have to buy the most powerful torch, as anything with over 200 lumens will provide a decent amount of brightness. If you need the torch for outdoor adventures, you’ll need something with more than 800 lumens and multiple models, including Strobe or SOS. Security and law enforcement people could benefit from even more powerful torches that can temporarily blind an aggressor and can be used as a striking weapon.

    I mentioned the Olight and LED Lenser as two of the best torches money can buy, and here’s what makes them stand out from the rest.

    Olight S30R III Rechargeable Torch

    The Olight S30R III Rechargeable Torch

    Olight is one of the best brands in the world of torches, and their S30R model is the greatest torch for all-around use. It’s compact, easy to grip and it comes with a USB charging dock. It has 1050 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate your path and for shining an intense beam on a specific area. The beam range measures at 188 metres and the torch can run in Turbo Mode for 2 minutes before dropping down to its 500 lumens High Mode for 3.5 hours. Further, it has a Mid Mode that can run for 15 hours, Low Mode that can run for 130 hours, and Moonlight Mode that can run for 100 days. There’s also a low power indicator under the side switch that lets you see how much power you’re working with, and when the batteries are low, a red light will alert you.

    LED Lenser P4X Pen Torch

    LED Lenser P4X Pen Torch

    Just like Olight, LED Lenser features a large selection of great torches suitable for everyday and outdoor use. The P4X Torch is an everyday torchlight that you can easily clip onto your shirt pocket or belt, or place it inside your backpack. While it doesn’t double as a pen (as its name suggests) it can be used as a convenient inspection light that you can also use for reading at night when camping. It also isn’t rechargeable like the S30R, but it’s splash-resistant, allowing you to use it in the rain without a problem.

    As you can see, these two torches are complete opposites of each other. With that said, your choice will greatly depend on what you need the device for and your budget, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you need something with more power that’s more suitable for the great Australian outdoors, the Olight S30R is going to be the better option. If you need a torch for occasional use, however, then the LED Lenser could prove to be a more worthwhile investment that’s more convenient to carry around.