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    Pre-Workout Supplements: The Boost You Need

    By on Last modified: November 8, 2018

    When you want to reach your body goals, there’s no way about it: you have to get to the gym, and sweat.

    While it may not be the exciting news most of us want to hear, fact is the exercise routine gives the best results when combined with a well balanced diet, which implies making changes in what’s part of your daily menu as well, and especially giving up the sweets as much as possible.

    pre workout supplement

    We can’t omit the supplements either because they have everything needed to make a workout more successful. Nowadays, there are more options to choose from, but if you want to really boost your performance, it’s good to turn to the help of a pre workout supplement. They are just the tools you need for weight loss and stamina.

    This applies to both men and women, athletes and beginners alike, who require the strong focus, motivation and energy to continue with the workouts, no matter how intense they may be.

    Unlike the usual opinion about this type of supplements, which is that they have a short-term effect lasting only before the workout, the supplement benefits don’t end when your workout does. Far from it!

    On the plus side as well, apart from the boost, pre workout supplements help speed up recovery time, thanks to some of the ingredients, like caffeine, that assist with muscle healing, so you wouldn’t have the excuse of muscle soreness to skip your next workout.

    While there are people who easily decide to take supplements, there are those of us who have some doubts, particularly with the ingredients. We shouldn’t have to worry because there are plenty of natural based options, with ingredients from natural sources like tea and coffee, free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

    However, since not everyone’s metabolism is the same, not every pre workout supplement works the same way; some people might be more sensitive to them than others, especially those that contain stronger stimulants, other than caffeine, like ephedrine, DMAA, and yohimbine to name few.

    Luckily, there are the mild supplements, even suitable for the sensitive ones, that prove to be just as efficient. An example would be OxyShred.

    A mixture of carbohydrates, vitamins, caffeine and L-theanine, it’s a mild pre-workout fat burner, that helps get you in the mood for the exercise without causing anxiety. Thanks to the ingredients, it’s also efficient with limiting the calorie absorption by the body.