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    Reviewing The 3 Best Heated Socks for 2020

    By on Last modified: April 14, 2020
    lenz heated socks
    source: Skiferietips

    If you’re someone who frequently deals with cold feet, or just wants to add more warmth and cosiness to their outdoor adventures on the slopes, then you should definitely consider investing in a pair of quality heated socks. Not to be confused with thermal socks, heated socks have a battery-powered heating element, allowing you to enjoy warm, cosy feet throughout the day. They are ideal not only for skiers and snowboarders who go against extreme weather conditions on the mountains but also for hikers, campers and hunters who partake in colder climates as well.

    Heated socks come with many perks. Unlike foot warmers and thermal socks, they have various heat settings, meaning you can adjust the warming effect to your personal needs based on the outdoor conditions. You can go for maximum heat on the coldest days, and then turn the heat down with your smartphone or remote control when the weather warms up.

    Even though heated socks are beneficial to hikers as well, they’re best suited for people who often find themselves stationary rather than on the go. For instance, hunters, fisherman and snow sports enthusiasts spend a fair amount of time standing in one spot, which means they will benefit the most from them. Heated socks, however, can be costly, which is why you need to carefully consider a couple of factors before you buy a pair. I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading reviews, comparing brands and styles, and I’ve picked 3 heated sock models that stand out from the rest.

    Lenz Unisex Heated Socks

    lenz heated socks
    source: Skiferietips

    The unisex heated Lenz socks provide maximum durability, performance and state-of-the-art features. With that said, they don’t come cheap, but if you’re looking for a superior product, it doesn’t get better than Lenz heated socks. They are available with and without a battery pack, and they feature a toe cap and rcB 1200 and rcB 1800 rechargeable batteries. You also get a global USB-charger and a USB charging cable. This means you won’t have to worry about getting replacement batteries, and you can enjoy up to 14 hours of warmth and comfort with a single-use. The batteries that come with Lenz heated socks are also compatible with Lenz’s other heated clothing, including gloves, vests and bandages.

    Although they were initially designed for winter sports, they quickly became a favourite among all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts in extreme weather. The socks feature heating elements that run down the shaft and the entire toe area. The batteries are easy to attach with the help of press studs on the leg band. The heat settings can be regulated through 3 models on the lithium pack, or be remotely controlled with a smartphone and the Lenz mobile app. Lastly, the socks are ergonomically knitted for optimal moisture transportation and comfort, ensuring your feet stay dry and warm.

    Global Vasion Heated Socks

    global vision heated socks
    source: Global Vasion

    These electric socks are a more budget-friendly alternative, and they also feature rechargeable batteries with 3 heating settings, allowing you to customise the temperature to your specific liking. One of their downsides, however, is that the batteries can only provide about 6 hours of heating, which means if you expect to spend more time in the cold, you’ll need an extra pack. Additionally, unlike Lenz socks, Global Vasion’s socks’ features can’t be adjusted through a smartphone. That being said, 6 hours can be more than enough for a half-day hunting trip, or an afternoon on the slopes.

    Global Vasion socks are made of soft and stretchy knitted material. They provide extra durability and support through their padded, reinforced toe and heel section. The recessed heating elements aim to focus the heat on your toes to prevent cold feet. The fabric they’re made from is moisture-wicking and breathable to keep your feet comfortable and dry. The batteries are also lightweight and small, and all you have to do is place them in the discreet top pocket which is connected to the heating pad through an internal wire that’s hardly noticeable and feels non-evasive.

    ActionHeat Heated Socks

    source: QVC

    ActionHeat heated socks come with AA batteries, and they can produce up to 4 hours of heat. When compared to the rechargeable battery alternatives mentioned above, this run time is quite limited. However, on the bright side, AA batteries are very affordable, so you can quickly replace them, as long as you’ve packed enough spare ones in your bag. The design features built-in heating panels on top of the toes. Further, the ultra-fine fibres enable exceptional heat distribution. ActionHeat socks are made of a soft, wool-blend ActionFlex material, which is a blend of 1.5% Lycra, 48.5% Cotton and 50% Wool. Unlike Lenz and Global Vasion heated socks, this model has only 1 heat setting, which makes it easier to operate. All you need to do is put in the batteries and connect the power pack to the cord that’s at the top of the sock. Turn on the battery pack by pressing the red button, and you’re all set.