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    Right Time to Buy Your Perfect Coffee Mug

    By on Last modified: August 26, 2016

    Just as there are many people on this planet, there are many morning rituals that we associate with a given nationality or part of the world. The same goes for what makes it on the breakfast menu, however, as different as it all might seem, everyone is unanimous when it comes to coffee. The history of coffee goes way back to the 11th century in Ethiopia and it took four centuries for it to get to Turkey. Thanks to their merchants, coffee beans and coffee making reached Europe through Venice and has ever since been an essential component of people’s start of every day.

    Pokemon Go Coffee Mug

    There are far too many films and cartoons where we’ve seen the magical effects of coffee mentioned especially whenever there is a grumpy character around, making them happy in an instant. Along with bringing about joyful feelings, there are so many reasons that suggest we should indulge in the flavour and benefits of this drink and they’re all already backed up by scientists, so it seems like we got ourselves a new quote: A cup of coffee a day keeps the doctor away. Now, this special drink calls for a special container of its own considering coffee time is always time for relaxation and letting your mind wander to far off places. There are plenty of coffee mugs Australia shops have to offer, so you will easily find the one that will accompany your pleasant moments of daydreaming and bonding with family and friends.

    Custom Coffee Mug

    Picking the right mug is a rather complex process since the one you buy will constantly be your coffee mug whether you get it consciously from the cupboard or not, somehow you just can’t drink coffee from another one. Some people even go as far as saying choosing another mug can change the taste of their coffee. When you start looking for coffee mugs Australia wide, it’s important to consider the size, material and design. Some people like it when they have a bigger mug they can have a nice grip of, whereas others prefer a smaller one they can have their pinkies up with. There are plenty of materials and designs to choose from to get your favourite mug that matches your lifestyle.

    It’s always time for this magic drink so it’s always the right time to buy your ideal mug. Once you find the perfect one, you will see your little cosy corner in the living room or the terrace can be just as fun as visiting cafés. Prepare some coffee and make memorable moments.