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    It’s Always the Right Time to Buy Vinyl Flooring for Your Home

    By on Last modified: September 15, 2016

    If you want to make the most out of your living space, you have to make wise decisions that will work out the best as a long-term investment. And since flooring makes the base of every home, the choice you go for related to it does make a world of difference. To be able to make a wise decision, you have to take certain aspects into consideration, such as the family members that live in your household, whether there are toddlers and pets (they are the known floor-scratchers), if someone is allergic to specific materials, and the overall cost.

    Vinyl Flooring

    When it comes to finding the solution that would be durable, cost-effective and easy to maintain, you can’t go wrong by opting for vinyl. The great thing about it is its mimicry of other materials, such as wood and stone. Getting the originals may be more overbearing and costly, including requiring more effort to maintain hygiene at an all time high. There are different kinds of vinyl flooring for sale to choose from, many patterns, colours and textures that are sure to add to the warmth of your interior design. You’ll also have to decide on the type, having in mind there are sheets and tiles, with sheets being easier to install, though vinyl in general is DIY install choice so you won’t get to spend on professional helping hands.

    vinyl floor

    For successful installation, you have to pay attention to what’s underneath the flooring option. Considering vinyl requires for a smooth surface as there’ll be visible flaws if the base is uneven, thus plywood is usually added to cover up and serve as the base. It’s up to you to take proper care of the vinyl flooring for sale you purchase. This kind of flooring is part of the modern floating floor solutions, along with wood and laminate as the most outstanding options. As such, they aren’t nailed to the subfloor (plywood, concrete) as in older installations, but rather easily snapped or glued together.

    vinyl floors

    Vinyl is also the perfect insulation flooring, keeping the ground warm so you won’t have much of a trouble heating up the space. Make sure you measure up correctly once you’ve selected the area that is going to be covered so you avoid mistakes. When properly installed, leaving no cracks where water could get through, the flooring can serve you for about 20 years to say the least. Now that’s the kind of investment worth making.