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    Self-Watering Patio Planters: Grow Your Green Thumb in Style

    By on Last modified: July 23, 2021

    We all have our own guilty pleasures, right? Yours just so happens to be gardening. What an amazing choice of hobby. Nothing calms you down more than growing and taking care of plants and various herbs. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of having a big garden where we can cultivate as many plants as we’d like so you turn to modern-day patio planters. They’re literally the next best thing.

    The latest advancement in plant watering technologies is the self-watering planter. It’s basically what the name suggests – you don’t have to water them constantly because they take on that responsibility themselves. Phew, one less thing to worry about. This is great because you already have a lot on your plate to deal with anyway. You get to reap the benefits of fresh plants without putting in so much effort. Sounds great to us. Let’s dive into this intriguing concept of self-watering planter boxes together, shall we?

    How Do Self-Watering Planters Work?


    This is a good question since it’s a fairly new concept. We’ll break down the main points of how they work for you.

    Planting the Seed

    You can basically plant anything – fruits, vegetables and a range of other herbs in a convenient modular patio planter. When doing so, it’s important to place the planter in a sunny area since exposure to sunshine can be very beneficial for quick growth and healthy plants. In addition, it helps with the process of photosynthesis which means cleaner air for you.

    Once they start growing, most plants will assume the position that’s most suitable for them, whether it’s full exposure, partial shade, or full shade. This is why it’s extremely important to think about where you want to put your plants. If the original placement doesn’t work, you can easily move the plant to another position of your liking. Another great thing is that you’ll likely have additional planting and seeding information on the packaging itself, with detailed instructions on how to proceed.

    Watering Made Easy


    The integrated self-watering technology makes keeping your plants healthy and hydrated a lot easier. The only thing you have to do is fill up the water reservoir and the plants will absorb as much water as they need, whenever they need it. You can monitor the water levels in real-time so you’ll definitely know when a refill is needed. It doesn’t get any easier than that right?

    Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t water your plants manually as well, if that’s your preference. If you enjoy some old-fashioned gardening, nothing’s stopping you. These balcony planters are the perfect blend of conventional watering systems and modern gardening technologies. How you choose to water your plants is entirely up to you.

    Benefits of Using Self-Watering Patio Planters

    Apart from making gardening a breeze, there are a few other reasons why we absolutely love self-watering patio planters.

    Save Up On Water


    In a world where natural resources are becoming scarce, we all need to be more careful about how we use them. Self-watering planters use less water because they use the exact amount they need and nothing more. In this way, they minimise water wastage and help save the environment.

    Easy Start For Beginners

    If you’re just starting out, all the information on how you’re supposed to take care of different types of plants might be overwhelming. Are you supposed to water those lilies two or three times a week? What about that fiddle leaf fig? It’s a lot to process. If you get self-watering plants, all this goes away. The plants themselves will do all the work for you and you’ll just get the pleasure of watching them bloom.

    Self-sufficient and Less Time-Consuming

    Remember that vacation you’ve been wanting to go on for a while now? But then who would look after your plants while you’re gone? Well, that’s no longer an issue. Self-watering plants are completely self-sufficient and don’t require extra constant care and attention from you. Now you can finally take some time off for yourself.

    Stylish and Elegant Addition

    Self-watering plants are incredibly versatile and can easily blend into your home environment. They’re sturdy, durable and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. You can move them around whenever you want and redecorate your space as you like. With their stylish and contemporary design, UV protection and tough construction, they’re able to withstand all weather conditions in perfect shape. You can even hang them on separate rails or on the wall for a more unique blend of shapes and designs.

    Additional Gardening Tools

    Hopefully, now you have a better idea of what self-watering plants are and how you’re supposed to use them. Don’t forget to look at other useful gardening tools before taking it up as a hobby. You have the basics – shears and gloves for protection since you wouldn’t want to damage your skin or cause scrapes and scratches. With the right tools, any hobby can be extremely rewarding and enjoyable and not just for you, friends and family included. Once you’re equipped with the necessary tools, a patio planter included, feel free to give gardening a go and grow your green thumb in style. We promise you won’t regret it. Happy gardening!