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    Smart Casuals Are Back in Vogue: How to Dress Like a Businessman

    By on Last modified: January 5, 2022

    Being a capable businessman and looking like one don’t necessarily go hand in hand – there are plenty of businessmen and entrepreneurs who are great at what they do but their style isn’t up-to-date. To nail the cool businessman look you need to explore the fashionable mentality behind looking sharp and smooth at the same time. Just look at the main character from Mad Men played by John Hamm; he’s definitely one of the best examples of how to look cool and “expensive” effortlessly. Anyway, let’s see explore some of the features the outfits of well-dressed businessmen share.

    Oxford Shoes – You Don’t Get a Second Chance for Your First Impression

    When asked, many people answer that the first thing they notice when they look at a person for the first time is their eyes, smile, body language, and you guessed it — their shoes! For a serious man, it is crucial that his shoes are always up to date, in slick style and as clean as they can get. When speaking of the hierarchy of shoes – the sophisticated mens oxfords find their place at the very top for their classiness and formality.

    mens oxfords

    Black oxford shoes, for example, are the perfect dress shoes for formal occasions, such as weddings, work meetings, red carpet events, etc. They add formality to your attire and are a match made in heaven when combined with a tux to a black-tie event or a business suit in black, blue navy or grey. Mens oxfords (named after Oxford University) are made from leather or faux vegan-friendly leather, and they come in many different looks. Another characteristic of theirs is that they always have a central lace-up design which makes them immediately recognisable on the market.

    Your Classic White Shirt Can Be In Colour Too

    You already know that the perfect business attire includes a white shirt. Although the grey, black or navy suit, white shirt and tie has always been and will probably remain an evergreen classic, don’t shy away from adding some colour. Dark red, pink, navy and baby blue have been on the up-rise as additional colour choices for men’s shirts.

    When you consider your shoes, suit, shirt and tie, the combinations are indeed endless. This is why most men want to stick to what’s traditional and already tried out. But if your goal is to stand out at an event that is important to you, go bold and try out a new combination. For instance, a somewhat reserved yet powerful colour combination: a brown suit and a light blue shirt. Try matching this attire with a striped navy tie or a dotted or solid blue tie. Also, brown pairs well with warmer colours such as pink, orange or red.

    nice shirt with oxfords

    The Perfect Overcoat for Any Businessman

    Step into the colder seasons in a luxurious overcoat made from wool-rich fabric. Buttoned cuffs and standing collar lock in warmth, while a button front keeps out the elements. Pick a design that is simple and minimalistic, but doesn’t hold back on spending a little extra for additional quality. You want a classic jacket that will match what’s underneath and vice versa. During the colder months, you will be spending more time with your coat on than not, so make sure you feel trendy, warm and comfortable.

    There are thousands of men’s winter coats out there, from stylish winter overcoats to those designed to fight the extreme cold. Sure, you probably won’t wear the same jacket for evening drinks as you would when scaling a mountain, but a good quality winter coat will ensure you look appropriate no matter where you’re going.

    Men Deserve Great Jewellery As Well

    We used to think that the most important details in a man’s outfit were his socks. Or his belt. But this is not the truth. A man can spice up his business attire with jewellery and still look serious and mean business. Most men don’t like to experiment with jewellery and don’t look much beyond a pair of sunglasses, a tie clip and a watch. And not that wearing any bling is mandatory but it surely adds glamour to your outfit, and again, helps you stand out amongst the crowd.

    mens jewellery

    So whether you would like to add a masculine-looking ring or a nice looking bracelet, go ahead and refresh your wardrobe with jewellery.

    Your Hairstyle Completes Your Outfit

    Whether it’s a big seminar presentation, million-dollar deals, or that important first interview, every man wants to look smooth and appropriate when it comes to business. And just like the perfect suit, the right oxford style shoes for men shoes, the right hairstyle makes all the difference. While the rules of office grooming were once invariable, today’s workplaces are more flexible.

    A classic side part is one of the most likes (by both men and women) and low-maintenance hairstyles for men – which is why it’s ideal for professionals. It looks attractive whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly and gives you a stylish Mad Men vibe. Next to the simple and classic crew cut, the buzz cut is a simple and masculine haircut for the man who means business. Its soldier-inspired origins give it a serious feel. Your barber can subtly vary the length of your buzz cut to suit your face shape and features. You can keep your beard but make sure it’s trimmed right, looks clean and timid.

    mens hairstyle

    At The End Of The Day: A Confident Man Is A Successful Man

    Regardless of your current status in societal and financial terms, if you’re realistic with yourself, have faith in your decisions and invest in your talents daily you are already on the right track in life. Of course, you want to make enough for a comfortable living and a pleasant lifestyle but compromising one’s own beliefs will never get anyone far. So when you invest in yourself – invest in your knowledge and build your self-confidence. Learn skills that will help you not only survive but thrive. Read books, attend workshops, seminars, and most importantly – gather life experience and learn from the mistakes, not just from yourself but from those around you as well.