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    Stay Gracious and Trendy – Great Style Tips for Women Over 50

    By on Last modified: September 7, 2018

    Style is a complex thing – it doesn’t come down to labels and price tags, and most certainly is not defined by just one piece of clothing or accessory. It is an overall presence and it takes some fashion sense to know how to combine clothes to create the desired look. But regardless of their shape, size, weight, height, and age, women with style have at least one thing in common – confidence!

    True, your style reflects your personality, but unfortunately, today many women wear what looks good in catalogs instead of what looks good on them. However, that’s not always the best idea, especially not if you are way past your forties. Luckily for you reading this today, I am here to help you out on your journey to start dressing with confidence and style, revealing some of the best choices of clothes for women over 50 so that you look good and feel even better whenever you go out.

    clothes for women over 50
    Dress – Long, short or 3/4 sleeved, you should have at least one amazing dress you could wear on more formal occasions. A dress with a knee length and short sleeves is a perfect choice. Peplum that fits well looks great on women that have some extra in their stomach area. A lace overlay dress smoothens any bumps and lumps on your figure, while wrap dresses look amazing on any body shape and size.

    Pants – A pair of wide leg pant looks stunning on almost any figure type. When wearing ones though, make sure to pair them with the same colour shoes as this will elongate your legs and make you look thinner and taller.

    Jeans – Once again, choose a straight leg type. Opt for dark coloured denim but stay away from ornamentations that go horizontally as they can make you look wider than you actually are. Choose something simple but pay attention to the comfort it offers.

    Blouse – Chiffon is usually used in evening wear, but it is also a popular material for blouses, scarves, ribbons, and lingerie. A chiffon blouse with a V-neck is all you need for a classic elegance. Make sure the sleeves are not too long, and if they are, ensure they are cuffed. For a winning combination – choose a model that will work great with either jeans or pants.

    Jumper – Yes, oversized, baggy jumpers are modern, but they do not look good on anyone as they might make you look larger than you actually are. Your best bet is to choose a classic but correctly fitted jumper. These clothes for women over 50 vary in prices and colours, but soft pink and cream almost always work great. If you want luxury, then opt for a camel cashmere jumper.

    Fashion for woman over 50
    ¬†Jacket – The right fitted jacket will complement your favourite pair of jeans just perfectly. This piece of clothing requires some special maintenance but it is really worth it as it can be the “cherry on top” when combined with the right basics. What is important is to choose a model that is the perfect fit for your body. Two or three buttons are enough and the length should be hip/mid-bottom since it works well for most body shapes.

    Shoes – Speaking of shoes, comfort is always number one consideration, but still, they need to look good on your feet as well. Being a woman over 50 does not mean you need to wear big, flat, wide ugly shoes. There is a vast array of comfortable and modern ones, so look for shoes that will make you feel like walking on Cloud Nine. Ballet flat, kitten heels or low wedges – it does not matter – choose the ones that offer you the needed comfort and support while perfectly blending in your style.

    Underwear – True, no one will see your underwear when out and about, but everyone can see the effects of it. Underwear that doesn’t fit well on your body is uncomfortable to wear and doesn’t look good under your fine clothes. So it is time for underwear shopping. Spoil yourself with new lingerie. – your age should not be a limit. Visit your favorite shop and have your body measured to ensure that everything you buy is just the right fit for your proportions.