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    Style Behind The Wheel: Level Up Your Car Interior

    By on Last modified: December 1, 2020

    Cars! You got to love them.

    For over a century, these technological marvels of metal and grease have taken us further than we ever thought possible and brought the world so much closer together. Automotive giants have been innovating and refining their designs to give us vehicles that can withstand anything the road throws at them, while making our rides faster, safer and more comfortable than ever.


    That being said, though the factory setting of a car can be perfect for some, most of us want our cars to be customized for our personal needs and preferences. How the car looks from the outside is relevant, but since behind the wheel is where you spend most of your time, it’s a smart move to personalise your cockpit for your needs alone. What I’m getting at is, if you have the means and desire, you can and should accessorize your interior. Now let’s get into the musts, the maybes, and then the “that thing exists?” category.

    The Musts

    Seat Covers

    No matter if the seats are leather, plaid, velvet, polyester or some mysterious fabric known only to the car manufacturer, the everyday sitting on and off can damage the material and displace the factory cushioning. Now in order to make your posterior more comfortable during your long drives and avoid damaging your seats (new ones can be really expensive), you should give your car a treat and get a couple of seat covers for your interior.

    car - seat covers

    Mostly inexpensive, they serve a huge purpose, from protecting your original seat from wear and tear, to increasing comfort and providing a more ergonomic environment for your back and posture.

    Auto seat covers can be found in many styles and levels of quality, with some being basic covers, functioning as car seat protectors, but it’s always better to go for the ones with extra padding that do wonders for your back. Some made for specific car seats in mind, and others being universal seat covers with a “one size fits all” property, most car accessories retailers can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

    Typical prices range from 20$ to 100$, but, like with anything, luxury versions of vehicle seat protectors are available for those who want to dish out a few extra hundreds of dollars. I put these first on the list of musts because, as someone who’s been driving cross country on a weekly basis for years, if something is worth dishing out a few bucks for to keep your seats mint and your back pain-free, it’s this.

    Smartphone Holder

    smartphone holder - car

    Hear me out! Driving is an action that requires a lot of concentration. Eyes need to be on the road. Things such as bluetooth headsets and stereo interfaces help us a lot when we need to make or receive a call, but this means nothing if you have to get your phone in and out of your pocket every time you need something. One might say “sure, I’ll take it out and leave it on the adjacent seat or under the hand break”, but trust me, this is a bad idea.

    Not only do you have the same problem of looking away from the road to pick up your phone, you also have to worry about your phone being launched and/or damaged every time you make a turn because there is no place in your car that’s made to keep something like that steady, safe and easy to reach.

    With that being said, getting a smartphone holder that’s attached to the dashboard is a no brainer. If you HAVE TO look away from the road, you still have use of your peripheral vision as your phone is right there. Playing music, taking a call, looking up a GPS map, everything is right there in front of you in reaching distance. It’s cheap, durable and in my opinion, an absolute necessity.

    The Maybes

    Good Stereo System

    stereo system - car

    For me, a good car stereo is as important as anything else on this list, but personal preferences aside, it is worth investing in a. Sure, you can go for the simple stereo model, with radio and aux options, but with technology being what it is today, it’s always better to cough up a few extra bucks and get the full stereo with screen option. These things are amazing. You can sync your phone to it, open GPS and even monitor vital car systems with several extra sensors.

    Rear parking cameras and proximity sensors can be wired to the stereo as well, linking all your car systems together, making you feel like you’re driving in a terrestrial 4 wheel spaceship. We mustn’t forget about the music. With a few extra upgrades to your speaker system, you can make driving feel like a studio experience…just not too loud, you’re still driving after all!

    Dashboard Cameras

    You might get the “big brother is watching” feel when you install one of these things, but studies have shown people feel a lot safer when something else is seeing what they are seeing. From collisions to on-road accidents, having video evidence saves you a lot of time with insurance arbitrators and law enforcement officers. They are small, relatively cheap and a great addition to your dashboard for some well needed peace of mind in case of the unforeseen.

    That Thing Exists?

    A Cigarette Lighter Powered Coffee Maker

    ciggarette lighter coffe maker - car

    No joke. These things are out there and they might be the best piece of tech out there. Small, slick and completely spill-proof, just add coffee and water at home, and have the wonders of the modern age make you a warm cup of joe while you’re on your way to work. It sits comfortably in the cup holder, plugged straight into the cigarette lighter, it brews your coffee, filters it and then you can drink right out of it. Someone out there deserves a Nobel Prize for this.

    Audio Cassette Bluetooth Adapter

    cassete adapter bluetooth

    Just just…wow. Someone found a way to attach your old car cassette player to your phone. With technology that’s way beyond my head, this thing gives you a lot more audio options then you previously had if you’re driving an older car with no aux/Bluetooth capabilities. Yes, radio emitters are an option, but they often have too much background interference noise. This way not only can you save money on stereo upgrades, but it’s also an excellent conversation starter.