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    Sugar’s off the Stage – Get Your Sweet Kicks From Xylitol Instead

    By on Last modified: March 15, 2016

    Ever wondered how are Orbit’s chewing gums ‘sugar-free’, especially when after chewing them for a while they become sweet? Well, the secret lies in a substance that works as a perfect sugar substitute thanks to its many beneficial properties – xylitol. It’s only normal for chewing gums to contain something that will add sweetness and won’t damage teeth and cause sugar spikes, since chewing a gum lasts definitely more than a sip of coffee. Xylitol recently started being used as a sugar substitute in people’s diets, and as such has become widely popular and used. And how wouldn’t it be, having your coffee sweet and not regretting for it the entire time while you drink it? Priceless.

    Sweet Kicks From Xylitol

    Xylitol is a substance that can be found in many fruits and vegetables and is also produced in the human body in small quantities. For manufacturing purposes, it is extracted from polysaccharides from the cell walls of some plants like birch and beech trees and corn cobs among others. After being processed once, what is left is left of it is a white crystaline powder that looks a lot like sugar.
    You can find a number of retailers online – the market is full of manufacturers and sellers, but what you need is to find that one trustworthy good xylitol Australia retailer who sells 100% pure xylitol. Think that’s not worth the search? Think again.

    There are a number of legitimate reasons as to why should you look for a good xylitol Australia retailer, and I’ll just mention the really worthy ones. For starters, sugar is a known deteriorant of your organism; it causes skin problems, liver problems, and weight problems. This is because sugar contains a lot of calories. Xylitol on the other hand, contains only 2.4 calories per gram, which is way less. Additionally, xylitol has a GI (glycemic index) of 7 which shows that its effect on blood sugar levels is minimal to non-existent. As such, xylitol is perfect for diabetics.

    Another thing that makes xylitol so good, is the dental benefits it offers. As a matter of fact, that’s the exact reason why Orbit has such an attractive commercial; it says it keeps your teeth and gums completely healthy and protects them from potential food problems. Here’s how the process goes: when we consume sugar, we give food to the bacteria in our mouths that feed on it and multiply. When too much bacteria thrive in our mouth, they cause all kinds of problems; tooth decay, periodontal disease and more. This is partly because sugar poses as food for bacteria, and partly because it creates an acidic environment in the mouth. Xylitol works as an asset for alkalization, and once in the mouth, it alkalises the environment, stops bacteria growth and potential cavities.
    And finally, xylitol works as a mild laxative, which is why it doesn’t cause weight gain as sugar does.