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    Take Your Home to the Next Level with Motorized Window Blinds

    By on Last modified: June 6, 2019

    When it comes to visions of the smart home, motorized blinds rolling up to reveal the new dawn and coming down at a preset time of the day is pretty much peak future living. And these home improvement accessories are just starting to become popular.


    Modern motorized window blinds offer privacy and protection thanks to their shading system that responds to your command. High-quality electric blinds are much more efficient than the standard variant and because they feature no strings or cables to suspend them, there is no reason to worry about the blinds getting tangled up. Connecting them with your phone give you the option of opening and closing your blinds with just a click of a button. Let’s explore the various options of motorized window blinds and what to consider when buying.

    • Custom Made – These require a constant power flow to function and are designed to suit specific home needs. They are a little bit more expensive but they offer several features that add to their convenience. A company that offers these blinds will work closely with you to design the right window treatment for your needs.
    • Battery Operated – These blinds are the perfect solution for places without a power source. They are also more affordable than custom made blinds. A lot of the battery operated shades have rechargeable batteries and even solar powering. With these blinds, you avoid the hassle of installing extra electrics as you don’t need a plug or a fused spur to connect them.

    Type and Size

    Motorized blinds come in horizontal, vertical, and roller versions and these can be either pleated, Venetian or Roman. As for the size, different windows have different dimensions, so you need to first measure the size of your windows to determine the best option for your home. Be precise and make sure that the blinds you choose are not too short for your windows.

    Available Integration

    If you want your system to be easily compatible with all forms of smart hubs like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung Smartthings, etc, then you will need to search for exactly that. Keep in mind that there are plenty of products that offer little to no compatibility with automated home systems.


    The price of your motorized blinds will depend on what features you want and the quality of the product. The custom made products of popular brands are the most expensive option. Cheaper solutions will have fewer features, more complex installation setup and lower quality hardware. Choose your motorized blinds carefully to make the most out of your investment.