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    The Devil Is in the Details – Handbag Trends Autumn/Winter 2017

    By on Last modified: June 1, 2017

    They say that the way you hold your bag speaks volumes about your temperament, personality and the mood you’re in at that moment. Regardless of whether you carry your tote in the crook of your elbow declaring status, or carrying your cross body bag in front of you body showing that you’re a shy, laid back person, fall/winter 2017 handbags have a strong say in the way you express yourself. Let’s take a look at this season’s must-haves.


    Classy and Timeless

    There are things that never go out of style and even at the most eclectic fashion moments they are still in the game, helping sophisticated women kick their outfits up a notch. To find a high-quality one that you will use for many years to come, visit a top-notch fashion accessories store and find the piece that appeals to you most. You know, the one that you can’t stop thinking about for days and no matter the variety of stunning bags you come across, it seems that not one compares to it. Ah, us women!

    Furry Fur

    No winter fashion show is ever complete without having furry handbag showcased by some of the world’s top tier fashion designers. Neither is the closet of any stylish gal who knows that the devil is in the details. Yup, details of this kind are what makes a good outfit a great one. Ladies adore them. And how wouldn’t they, these small pieces of art are so fluffy and delicate and can warm up your frozen hands in an instant. They feel almost like you’re holding your favourite pet tightly under your armpit. Ah, the joys.


    Animal Skin for a Cool Win

    One of my personal favourites – animal skin is such a bold choice to go with as in many cases there is a fine line between a kitsch and a high fashion piece. The 2017 handbag trends in the various fashion accessories store kinds have brought the position of animal skin to an entirely new level, starting from tiger and leopard prints to crocodile and snake patterns. The aim of this trend is to show bohemian luxury and it has also spread on pants, tops and footwear. A bit of an advice – use animal skin prints only as an accessory to an outfit, and please never ever wear more than two pieces of it in a an outfit.

    Your Cross Body Buddy

    Having in mind the fact that the recent fall/winter collections revolved around relaxation, adventures and careless catwalking, what better handbag style to round up a cozy look than the cross body? Just put your basic essentials in it, let it cross your body and head out. The best thing about it is that you can do it in oh so many shades and sizes.