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    The Essential Outdoor Climbing Equipment for Your Next Adventure

    By on Last modified: May 19, 2016

    If you are someone who is new to outdoor climbing then you might not know all the essential items you need to climb successfully. There is a lot of equipment that will help improve your climbing experience and your safety so it is important to know the type of outdoor climbing equipment you need. Below we will also be covering what these items are used for if you want to improve or prepare for your outdoor climbing experience.


    Climbing Shoes

    Some older climbers may still be using boots or other climbing shoes that do not do much for you. There are shoes on the market now that use a sticky kind of rubber on the bottom that will really lock you into place. These shoes will stop you from slipping and sliding around so they are an essential item for improving your climbing experience.

    Chalk & Chalk Bag

    Chalk is nothing new when it comes to climbing so it should come as no surprise that it is a necessity. A chalk bag though is something that is relatively new and it is great because it makes carrying your chalk and reaching for it a lot easier than it once was. Not to mention that there are so many different chalk bags available you are sure to find one to suit your personal style.

    Bouldering Pad

    Sometimes known as a crash pad, these are an absolute necessity when it comes to your safety. They are a piece of foam that is covered in fabric and are placed to increase the safety and comfort if you slip and fall. They are pretty easy to carry around and usually come with straps that you would put on like a backpack.


    There are so many different ropes out there when it comes to climbing and choosing the right one for you can really take your climbing experience to the next level. Using a good rope while climbing is really going to make it an enjoyable experience. It is important to note that different ropes will suit different climbs better.

    Climbing Equipment


    This is a piece of equipment that is an essential item for so many sports but most importantly it is also an essential piece of equipment for climbing as well. If you are someone who is serious about outdoor climbing and the outdoor climbing equipment you will use then you need a quickdraw.


    Harnesses are another essential piece of equipment when it comes to guaranteeing your safety. There are a lot of different types out there so it is important you do your research before buying one. Get to know the different types available so you can choose the right one for you.

    Belay Device – There are three main types of belay devices and they are auto-blocking, auto-locking, and tubular. You should research the differences between them and maybe talk to someone who has experience with all three to find the best one for you.


    There is a huge variety of carabiners on the market that come in all different types and shapes. You absolutely need one when you want to get into outdoor climbing and they are an indispensable tool. You will need a carabiner to be able to safely connect components in a dynamic or a static system.

    Climbing Pack

    A climbing pack comes with a whole bunch of features that really make carrying things while you’re climbing a lot easier compared to a standard backpack. There are a lot of different types so you should really consider what you will need to take with you and which climbing pack would suit you and your needs the most.