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    The Impact of Adding an Aftermarket Exhaust System

    By on Last modified: December 25, 2017

    I recently got into off-road driving, and to my surprise, my stock Nissan Patrol struggled quite a lot. So naturally, I looked at what I can do to improve it and ensure a better off-road driving experience the next time I ventured off the beaten track and it came as a huge surprise when I found out that the best solution to more power is the exhaust system. The reason I was so pleasantly surprised is because it’s a rather inexpensive way to get more throttle and horsepower out of the engine.

    Nissan Patrol 3 Inch Exhaust

    That being said, without much hesitation I looked up some Nissan Patrol aftermarket exhaust systems. The reason I looked for Nissan Patrol specific, is to ensure a proper fit without having to modify my vehicle heavily. I soon found out that most quality aftermarket performance exhaust systems are made of either aluminised or stainless steel.

    I decided to go for an aluminised steel Nissan Patrol 3 inch exhaust, because it was the more affordable option, but more importantly, it was the more appropriate option for driving in dry climate. The reason I went from a 2.5 to a Nissan Patrol 3 inch exhaust is for simple performance-enhancement reasons. A 3 inch exhaust sounds also sounds louder, which I personally like, but not everyone might enjoy the deeper growl it produces.

    Besides improving the performance of my Nissan, I saw some minor improvements in my fuel economy. That’s mainly because aftermarket exhaust systems utilise larger diameter pipes, which provide a better flow for the gases that enter and leave the engine. Better flow improves the “breathing” of the engine, thus improving the efficiency of burning fuel. Besides the diameter of the exhaust pipes, the way they’re bent plays a crucial role. Aftermarket exhausts usually have a mandrel bend, which is smooth and doesn’t restrict gas flow.

    If you end up deciding for a stainless steel exhaust system, worth knowing is that you’ll come across 2 grades of stainless steel – T409 and T304. The main difference between the two is the amount of nickel they contain. T409 stainless steel is used for manufacturing exhausts mainly. It has rust, moisture and corrosion resistant properties, and performs great in climates with high humidity. T304, on the other hand, is marine grade steel and is used for a wide array of things, including manufacturing exhaust systems. T304 is more expensive, but it also has better resistance properties, so if your budget allows it, go for it.