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    The Most Important Features of a 100 Series Landcruiser Exhaust

    By on Last modified: July 17, 2019

    Before you go out and buy an expensive upgrade for your Landcruiser, it’s important that you get to know what are your options with that particular part and where to go from there. This is the case with more complex parts and the exhaust system is the perfect example of this as it is made out of multiple components that can affect performance. Knowing the features that can make or break your vehicle’s performance is crucial, which is why understanding them will help you buy what’s best for your vehicle.



    The most common exhaust system upgrade is the cat-back – it is a simple upgrade yet a very cost-effective one. It doesn’t take much to mount a cat back system since it only replaces the parts that come after the catalytic converter. An even simpler and more affordable upgrade is the axel back 100 series Landcruiser exhaust system. It only replaces the muffler, exhaust tips, and the axel piping, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference from a stock system.

    Although the header back exhaust upgrade involves replacing most of the stock system, it is actually the easiest to install. This is because it is one big part that needs to be put in place and it doesn’t have multiple components that go in different spots. It starts from the manifold and goes all the way to the tailpipes, which makes it a more expensive option than the previous two but also an unmatchable one when it comes to performance gains.

    100 series landcruiser exhaust


    The make or the construction of an exhaust system mostly depends on how the pipes are bent and there are two ways this can go. Crush bent piping is the cheaper option of the two and it is present in almost every stock exhaust system as it takes less time to manufacture them. The better option here is the mandrel bent piping which makes for a less restrictive pathway thanks to the pipes retaining the same diameter throughout the whole system.


    Again, you have two options – mild and stainless steel. Judging by the name, you can already assume how mild steel performs under high temperatures and on wet roads. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is the material that will keep your 100 series Landcruiser exhaust system corrosion-free and even outlast the lifespan of the vehicle.

    Oxygen Sensor

    This particular part is important as it regulates the amount of fuel your vehicle is using. You may have not seen it if you are a proud owner of an older model, but I recommend you get one as soon as possible. Why? Well, it’s simple – if your vehicle knows how much fuel your engine needs it will use it more efficiently which will, in turn, make it more economical.