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    The Right Riding Gear for Any Biker

    By on Last modified: January 25, 2018

    When I was younger, there was nothing I liked more than riding my motorcycle around town. It was only a little scooter so I was never able to even reach the speed limit, let alone go over it, but to me it still felt like flying. But, now that I’m older, I’ve come to remember that there were quite a few things that I disliked about it as well. There were the insects that hit me in the face every two minutes, there was the cold that I felt if I was driving on anything other than heatstroke inducing level heat, and there was also the time I fell and almost split my skull. The thing is, I’m not annoyed that those things happened, but that they could have been easily avoided if I had only bothered to get some motorcycle riding gear.

    Since motorcycles don’t offer nearly as much protection as other vehicles, it stands to reason that they would instead have many specialized pieces of equipment available that are designed to protect the rider in one way or another. Among these items are ones that cover the entire body and those that provide additional protection to the most vital part – the head.

    Motorcycle Rider

    One such piece of specialized equipment are the motorcycle gloves, which are meant to offer some protection to your hands while also keeping them warm. And surprisingly, the warmth is actually the more useful element. The reason is that since you use your hands for steering, accelerating and breaking, you are in the most danger if they become so numb from the cold or the wind that you cannot move them properly. While this normally may not seem like much of a problem, when on a speeding bike even a second of delay can mean disaster.

    But, when talking about protection, without a doubt the most essential item that any rider must have is a sturdy helmet. A helmet is the single greatest deciding factor of whether most bikers would be able to walk away after a crash, should one occur. But also, it can keep the bugs and the wind out of the eyes (as well as the sun if you have a shaded visor). But seriously, a biker driving his motorcycle without a helmet is not like a car without seatbelts, but rather more like a game of Russian roulette where if you do it enough times you will inevitably lose.

    Finally there are also jackets, vests, racesuits, and boots you can get to keep your entire body warm, much like the motorcycle gloves do the same for only the hands. And there is also the benefit that all of these are a good way to at least slightly reduce the drag of the wind-resistance. Additionally, you can also get some protective gear for the body as well, which can provide exactly what their name suggests.

    As I mentioned before, when I was younger I regretted not buying the right motorcycle riding gear when I was only riding a scooter. If you have a powerful bike, but don’t have riding equipment, then you will be rolling the dice on your safety every time you start the engine.