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    The Ultimate Lakers Jersey Collection: What Every Fan Needs

    By on Last modified: November 29, 2023

    LA Lakers is one of the biggest basketball clubs in the US and possibly in the whole world, so their fans come from all around the globe. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these fans still long for the days when they were young and the LA Lakers had some players that have made history and have become legends of this sport. 

    That is why the fans who are committed to this team, buy and collect jerseys from an era in which this team ruled over the world of basketball and its players were the greatest ones in it. Before we discuss the must-have jerseys, let’s see why are Lakers’ colours purple and gold. That’s because the owner of this team at the time thought that this would give the jerseys a more regal look, and he wasn’t wrong.

    Must-Have Jerseys 


    This basketball team has had many players whose names and legacies are remembered to this day and even non-basketball fans have heard of them. Understandably, people want to wear a jersey with those players’ names and numbers, so let’s go over some of the most famous players whose jerseys are a must-have in your basketball Lakers jersey collection

    Magic Johnson 

    Magic Johnson’s impact on the Lakers is unforgettable. He’s number two on the NBA’s all-time assist chart and has led the time to five NBA championships. His number #32 is a symbol of this team’s Showtime era, in which they dominated the basketball world. Having a jersey with this name and number is precious to anyone who enjoys basketball and is a fan of skills and talent that very few possess.

    Kobe Bryant 

    When mentioning the Lakers’ name one player’s number and face and that’s Kobe Bryant. One of the greatest players that has ever played both nationally and internationally. The #8 and #24 jerseys aren’t just numbers, they are indicators of a great chapter for this club and its fans as well as anyone who appreciates basketball as a sport.

    Shaquille O’Neal

    O'Neal Jersey

    Shaq is not known just for his incredible physique and his strength, but also for the fact that he has led his team to three consecutive NBA champions for the Lakers and their fans. His number #34 stands as a reminder of a time when this team ruled the basketball world in the US. 

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    The name Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a symbol of basketball greatness. With his five championships and being the top scorer in the history of the NBA for almost 40 years it is clear why fans would want to own a jersey with his number on it. His impact on the team and the sport overall is immeasurable and his jersey stands as a testament to an era in which elegance and excellence defined the Lakers’ basketball.

    Pau Gasol 

    Pau Gasol’s contributions to the Lakers’ success are great. He has helped the team to win two championships thus writing his name in the history of basketball. His number #16 represents the dedication, skill, teamwork and international flavour that defines this team’s global appeal.

    LeBron James


    A player that continues to wow people in and out of the basketball world is LeBron James. His name is known even by people who haven’t even watched a game of basketball. He’s one of the best players in the history of basketball and he was the one that surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s highest scoring record, which goes on to show how good LeBron is. Having his jersey is a treasure for many fans because we are seeing history being made right before us.

    Custom Lakers Jersey

    Beyond the legends, having a custom basketball Lakers jersey with your name allows you to personalise your collection. Putting a number or a name on a custom jersey adds a unique touch and makes you feel more connected to the fandom and the team as well as the sport. Plus, how cool would it be to have your name on the iconic purple and gold jersey?

    Store and Display

    Lakers Jerseys

    If you’re a hardcore fan and you want your jerseys to last you need to store them properly, especially if they’re very precious to you. If you don’t want to display them, keep them in a place where the air is cool and dry to prevent moisture which can lead to mould. Avoid direct sunlight because the colour will fade. If you want to hang them, use padded, wide hangers to support the jersey’s shape.

    Now, if you want to showcase your jerseys, it’s best to frame them. So, use frames that are big enough to fit the jersey, but even if you do put them in a frame, keep the frames away from direct sunlight and UV rays. If you own multiple jerseys you can rotate them to minimize the wear on each of them.


    Cleaning is very important when it comes to these jerseys. If you by any chance spill something on them, avoid harsh chemicals because they might compromise the jersey and if you can get them professionally cleaned, preferably by someone who specialises in sports memorabilia, so that you can be sure that your jersey won’t be damaged. If you want to keep the jersey for a longer period, avoid casual wear. We all want to proudly wear the jersey when watching a game, but that might not be a smart decision as you might stain it or even rip it.

    For some people collecting jerseys might seem weird or even irrational, but for fans having a jersey from your favourite team and your favourite player is an honour. The Lakers are one of the best teams in the NBA, but their fanbase extends past the USA and people from all around the world watch and support that team, so owning a collection like that is a great way to show your support. 

    The purple and gold shirt has been worn by many players who have written their names in the history of this sport and having it is more than just a piece of memorabilia, it is the spirit of the Lakers fandom. So, wear and display them with pride and let the legacy of this team and its players live through your priceless collection.