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    Things to Consider and Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Forklift

    By on Last modified: September 15, 2020

    If you’re looking to buy a new forklift for the first time and want to become acquainted with the buying process and all the details you should pay attention to, things might seem a bit complex. For that very reason, getting organised and understanding the basics is essential to make sure you get the best return on investment from the forklift you choose.

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    What to Consider Before Buying a Forklift?

    Buying a forklift is a huge investment, and it can provide an even larger ROI for your company. On the flip side, buying the wrong forklift can become just another cash dump. The best forklift is the right forklift for your operations, and the right forklift can help you increase productivity, save money, and reduce downtime. And in order to make sure you get the right forklift, here’s what you need to consider.

    • Understand Your Requirements – As you browse through the wide range of forklifts available in the material handling market, the first thing you need to decide on is what you’re trying to accomplish with your purchase. This includes taking the time to assess your operations. Some of the things you can consider to get started include: How high will you need to lift? Will the forklift be used indoors or outdoors? How wide are the doors and aisles in your facility? What type of tyres will you need? Are there any specific accessories or options you’ll need? Do you have trained operators as OSHA requires?
    • New Versus Used Forklifts – If you’re going to use the forklift for more than a few hours a day, then consider getting a brand new forklift. When you factor in long-term maintenance costs, it will serve you better and be a more valuable option.
    • Operation and People Requirements – If you have an operator with a bad back, then consider a forklift with great ergonomics. Safety is always the key to success, so make sure you always get a forklift from a brand with the best safety features.

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    Mistakes to Avoid

    There are a couple of mistakes that many people make when buying a forklift that ends up costing them a lot of money in the long term, simply because they didn’t think some things through.

    • Don’t Buy On Price Alone – Don’t be tempted to buy the most affordable forklift that meets your bare minimum capacity requirements. There are a few other important factors to consider before you buy a forklift, and the upfront price is just one of them.
    • Don’t Buy Before Your Try – Once you’ve decided on the most suitable forklift for you, rent one out to try it out in your working environment, and ensure your operator has input on the decision as well because after all, they’ll be the one driving it all day, every day.
    • Not Buying From a Reputable Dealer – Make sure you buy a forklift from a dependable dealer who can perform general and emergency maintenance when you need it. A reputable dealer can also have replacement parts and a variety of attachments, such as forklift cages, round slings, forklift jib cranes, forklift prongs and a forklift spreader bar for sale.
    • Not Considering the Entire Cost of Ownership – This goes hand in hand with the first mistake to avoid. Spending a little bit extra upfront can result in saving down the road, especially if your operations become more productive and efficient over time.
    forklift spreader bar

    Forklift Attachments

    There’s a wide range of forklift attachments that can help make your operations even more productive and efficient. Understanding which attachments can do what for your everyday operations can help you make the right choices that will provide a ton of long-term value. Here are the most popular forklift attachments.

    • Sideshifters – Sideshifters is one of the most frequently used attachments. They allow you to move a load from one side to another so you can make adjustments to the alignment of the pallets without moving the entire forklift.
    • Fork Positioners – This attachment allows the forks to be positioned hydraulically, which is especially useful when the width of the load constantly changes.
    • Forklift Spreader Bar – Another popular attachment that lets you get a bit of extra length on the forklift. You’ll find a forklift spreader bar for sale that extends in a variety of lengths, allowing you to carry awkward and long loads safely and with stability.
    • Paper Clamps – These attachments let you increase productivity if you’re dealing with paper, and ensuring the rolls are damage-free. These attachments are designed with maximum efficiency in mind and are used in the printing and paper handling industry.
    • Push/Pull Attachment – This attachment is a cost-effective solution where the standard plastic or wooden pallets are substituted by a slip sheet, thus increasing shipping volume. Push/pull attachments are connected to a conventional forklift and can easily be disconnected to get back to handling pallets.