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    Tips on Getting the Right Solar Installers for Your Off Grid System

    By on Last modified: December 31, 2020

    It’s fairly easy to follow the technical specifications of solar panels. There are key performance indicators you can check and they should have the same output for everyone. However, the increase in demand for solar power has also attracted all sorts of low-quality options to the market. This can result in closing a deal on a dodgy offer.

    Everyone should be able to choose the best solar installers in their local area. For starters, there are resources about accredited retailers in Australia and you can check there. But getting from such lists to a service you’ll be satisfied with can take several steps in between. You simply need to be able to recognize the marks of a genuine offer connected to faces and specific requirements. The other extreme consists of sales sheets and numbers in a report.

    Good deals include four components: a sales company, system designer, installer, and a qualified electrician. It’s quite simple actually because all of these roles can be performed by one person if they have all the necessary qualifications. If not, you are dealing with a team.

    The Good Panels – Trina (Tier 1)

    solar panel install mountain

    Your safest bet is to go local. So, if you are outside of the metropolitan area of Melbourne, say you are in Bendigo or Geelong, you can look for solar panel installers Geelong based. There are fitters with great experience in the residential installation of solar panels. You should check their reputation, type of warranties they extend, quality consistency, adherence to environmental standards, labor rights, etc.

    One of the most popular solar power options in the Geelong and Bendigo area is the Trina system. Trina Honey (370W) comes with a warranty of 25 years on performance and 15 years on the product itself. It’s a testament to the durability of the built and performance reliability. We are talking about 120 layouts monocrystalline module (so a black frame) with a power output range of 360-380W. As you can imagine, the output is more than 10% higher compared to similar systems in its category. Maximum efficiency is above 20%, however, it performs well even under weak light conditions. Its heavy-duty build can withstand salt mist, ammonia, and exposure to harsh environments.

    The Better – LG MonoX

    lg mono plus solar panel

    While we are used to experiencing the occasional power outage in Australia and many turn to diesel generators as a backup, getting the MonoX is set to provide you with peace of mind for years to come. This is a monocrystalline solar panel that benefits from years of research within LG. The top output is 370 W and the well versed in photo-voltaic systems know what this means – high performance of clean energy.

    Of all the distinctive features that make LG MonoX exceptionally reliable, the rate of long term annual degradation of cells seems to attract the most attention. In these models, it is at 0,4% per annum after the first year of use (2nd to 25th year) which translates into output degradation slightly below 88%. When compared to the degradation projected for other competing panels (at 80%) it does stand out in regards to long-term efficiency. The excellence doesn’t stop with high efficiency either. LG MonoX is the result of high standards of design, build, and support. It’s the sixth generation of MonoX, so you can expect long term reliable solution installed by a familiar face.

    The Best – LG Neon2

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    When getting a solar panel system it is really important what you intend to get out of it. Generating electricity on your own is fairly straightforward, however, using electricity can get quite complicated and impose additional requirements to your set up. You will have to choose the right type of inverter and if you have a network of your own, like an electric fence, you’ll require reliable output regardless of the environmental conditions. Fortunately, the Neon2 models can facilitate such a venture for they can maintain high output even in very hot weather.

    We are talking black (monocrystalline) panels able to put out 360W on a good day. Similar to the MonoX, the Leon2 has comparatively low annual degradation and high sensitivity to low light. This sensitivity extends to the back of the panels thanks to the CELLO technology capable of absorbing spillover. Double-sided cells and multi-wire bars make spillover catchment possible. They reduce resistance to current, enhance the output and contribute to greater reliability in the power supply. The LG Leon2 has proven field performance and produces more power per square meter than competing panels. In plain terms – you get more kWh from your roof.

    Other Benefits From Going Local

    As usual, one needs to submit their specific requirements to get a quote on the cost of the project. Make sure you get all-inclusive rates without hidden costs or contractual obligations regarding subsequent maintenance and servicing of the system. While it’s highly likely you’ll go for the same solar panel installers Geelong based when it comes to servicing, that doesn’t have to be a part of the agreement.

    solar panel installers on house

    Getting local Geelong or Bendigo retailers will make obtaining quotes far easier. If they have been operating in the area for a while they will have an intimate understanding of setting up solar panels in your suburb. Maybe they have already installed a solar power system in your neighborhood and this will make things faster and more convenient for everyone involved. Finally, if this is the case, you can get some input from other residents in the area and they will share info on the post-installation service. You might be surprised by the level of care which is simply not available when you go for big corporate salespeople driven by the desire to increase profits.