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    Transform Your Outdoor Oasis: How to Turn an Ordinary Backyard into a Spa Sanctuary

    By on Last modified: December 19, 2023

    Transforming your backyard from a mundane space to a divine retreat can be an exciting project. There are many ways in which you can turn your backyard into a place you’d love to spend time and one such way is installing a nice spa in which you can relax and enjoy forgetting all about your problems. It will enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space and will bring a multitude of health and relaxation benefits. 

    Choosing the Right Spa

    4-person spa above ground

    The first step is obviously picking out the right spa for your backyard there is a myriad of options, so it’s important to know some of the most frequent ones and decide which one suits you and your needs more. There are two main ones, above ground and in-ground. Let’s look at them.

    Above Ground 

    Above-ground spas are the more popular choice, because of their flexibility and ability to be moved despite their weight. They are easy to install and they can be installed closer to the house unlike the in-ground ones, so you won’t have to run through your yard to get to them or get home when it’s chilly. 

    They can easily be covered when you’re not using them thus protecting them from debris. When picking one, look at its size and how many people it can fit. If you really want to feel like you’re in a luxurious retreat, you could get a spacious and soothing 4-person spaIn this case, you’ll have enough space to enjoy it when you’re alone and you can even invite your friends to soak up the sun and relax together. 

    In-ground Spas 

    In-ground spas offer a more integrated and permanent solution. As the name suggests, they are built into the ground, providing a sleek and seamless look that complements your backyard’s overall design. Now, this type of spa takes longer to install and requires a little bit more maintenance and the fact that they cost more than above ground. They are also not portable, so if you ever decide to move, you cannot take them with you. 

    However, they are typically more aesthetically pleasing and can be built to blend with the natural surroundings of our space. You can pick different sizes, depending on how many people you want to accommodate and even if you don’t invite anyone else, you’d still want to be comfortable, so consider a 4-seater spa to be able to fully relax and rest. 

    Benefits of a Spa

    spa health benefits

    Believe it or not, hot tubs can positively impact your health, both mentally and physically. When you spend the evening relaxing in your spa, your body temperature rises and once you get out of it, your body cools down. Your brain then signals that it’s time for sleep, so this will help you fall asleep faster than usual. 

    Spending as little as 30 minutes in your hot tub will help you relax, therefore reducing stress and anxiety and will bring feelings of comfort and relaxation. As you relax under the warm water, your blood vessels expand, making it easier for your blood to move through your body, thus improving your circulation. When using a hot tub, you’re helping your body relax and remove the strain from your joints and muscles, relieving any pain you have.

    How to Decorate Your Hot Tub Area

    After you’ve chosen the right spa for your backyard, it’s time to focus on decorating around it to make it feel more cozy and chill. The decorations can only elevate the overall ambience and turn your backyard into an oasis where you’ll feel the most relaxed you’ve ever been. So, here are a few tips that you can use to decorate around your 4-person spa.

    Add Plants 

    Decorate Your Hot Tub Area

    No matter the size of your backyard, adding plants will instantly create a more relaxing and laid-back feel, as well as a natural atmosphere,  allowing you to make the most of a restful soak. Pick plants that thrive in your climate and perhaps require minimal maintenance, so that you won’t have to worry about watering them often. 

    Build a Hedge

    If you live in a more densely populated area and your backyard is visible from the street, looking at people might not feel as relaxing, so maybe building or even better, growing your hedge will certainly give you more privacy as well as a better view rather than looking at cars passing by. Dense, evergreen shrubs are best for training in a thick barrier that will protect you from the ongoing traffic. 


    lighting for your hot tub

    Another way in which you can turn your backyard into an oasis is by adding lights. You can put lanterns around the hot tub and string lights on your plants or your hedge to create a cozy, inviting and comforting atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy your hot tub after the sun sets. 

    Add a Cover Overhead

    Adding a cover overhead, such as a pergola or a gazebo will have many benefits. It gives you a lot more privacy so that you can fully loosen up and rest. It will also shelter you from the elements and you will be able to spend time in your hot tub when it’s raining. You can also use the spa even in winter when it gets cold. On top of that, it will look more aesthetically pleasing, since it will frame the feature. You can hang some string lights and soak as long as you want to with a view of the moon. 

    Equipping your backyard with a spa is a journey that combines luxury and wellness. The right spa combined with thoughtful landscaping and decor can turn your ordinary backyard into a sanctuary where you’ll feel at ease and relaxed like never before. In addition to the physical benefits, it can also become a focal point for social gatherings with your friends or just a place in which you can do some personal reflection. So, as you lie in the warmth of your spa you’ll find that not only you’ve transformed your backyard, but you’ve also transformed your daily life and enriched it with a touch of luxury.